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Size12.94 MB ( 13569381 bytes )
Added10:29am, 3rd June 2008
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GDB and trk files re wriiten for GTR2 added all rain reflections, and animated Marshalls, (adapted some track fences to accomodate where neccesary) using the latest gtr2 type of Startlight and pitlights AIWfiles are adapted for gtr2 and all have wetpaths added..GDB and trk files re wriiten for GTR2
all banners were made to represent the tracks of 1979...
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this was originally based on the GP4 track, some sections are scratch made or remoddeled with the odd new models added to produce the 79 layout.
these GPC tracks for GTR2 were originally made for the GPC 79 Mod by the team and myself,now updated and enhanced them for GTR2, Aiw made with single seater car in mind as these were mainly created for use with the gpc F179 cars ,
cheers Ken
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1.00 10:29am, 3rd June 2008 4167

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