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Downloads » GT Legends » Car Skins: TC-65

Pablo Escobar Cocaine capo Renault 8 TS

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Size15.27 MB ( 16011033 bytes )
Added7:18pm, 11th June 2008
Description [hide]
In 1979 the cocaine Medellin cartel capo, Pablo Escobar presented his racing team "Bicicletas ositto & Depositos Cundinamarca" (Ositto bikes and Cundinamarcca construction materials deposit) He presented himself as a succesfuly bussinesman.
Unfortunately he was much more better criminal than driver.
His team of 2 Simcas 1300cc and 2 Renaults 4 never won a single race.
I did his Simca libery in the R8 because of its similitude.

Atention! Is not the car you would bump or closing in a race.

You will need the Renault Gordini TS mod to run this car.
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You will need the Renault Gordini TS mod to run this car.

Unzip the 70.rar file into your GTL/GameData/Teams/TC-65/Renault8 Gordine subfolder.

Thats it
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Version Released Downloads
1.00 7:18pm, 11th June 2008 219
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