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BZF Manager

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Size825 kB ( 844767 bytes )
Added11:44pm, 1st May 2003
Description [hide]
This is the main editor and add-on manager for Rally Trophy. You can edit nearly everything with it: Textures / Sounds / Physics / Car Shapes and tracks (in combination with the plugins) and much more. It's required for installing most of the add-ons
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Readme [hide]
Here is some info about Rally Trophy BZF Manager.

General information:

BZF Manager is an editor that lets you edit almost everything in Rally Trophy. The only things that are not editable currently, is carshapes and tracks, plus some additional 3D releated data, like pace notes placements. Those things will be added later as a plugins for a 3D packages.

Installation and setup:

The installation is simple, just download the zip and extract it anywhere, no additional steps are requred.

The first time you run the program it will open an options dialog, you have to click ok there and accept the suggested options, or change them, otherwise the dialoge will popup again. The settings should be pretty self explaining. The default editors are those editors that will be launched when you double click a file that's in a local directory, from the editor.

If you choose to associate the rtp (Rally Trophy Package) file extension with BZFManager, then installation of custom carsets or other third-party add-ons will be much easier. You can just click an rtp file, and a dialog box will pop up that asks you if you want to Install the carset or open it in the editor for exact control of what to install. Note that you shouldn't move the program to another location otherwise windows, can't find the editor, and the package installation will fail. Also put future versions of the editor in the same place, over the current executable, otherwise you might get version conflicts, or packages not installing, because of newer features added to them. If you however need to move the program to another location, you can set the association again, from the options.

Basic functionality:

When the editor finally starts, you will see two main tabs, Export and Import/Edit. Export, exports files from the game to either a package (a collection of any RT files, packed into a single compressed package), or a directory on your hard drive. The later is used for editing the files. It's usually much easier to edit existing game files, and modify them, than creating from scratch. The radio buttons selects if you want to export to package or to a local directory on your harddrive. Type in the directory name/package name in the edit box, or click the browse button.

In a similar way, there's two options for importing. Import from directory, imports your hopefully edited files from the selected directory. The directory structure has to be exactly the same as the original structure, that the export functions creates. In addidion, the file names need to be exactly the same. Both are reasons for using the export function raher than creating from scratch. In addition, the game may or may not tolerate files in different formats than the originals.

Import from package, is almost always used for custom imports. Say you download a carset with many cars, and you only want to install one of them. Another example, you download a carset, including a physics update. But as you race on Relay, you want to keep the original physics.

The right pane of the editor shows a preview of a selected game element. Use the treeview, and listbox, to select the file you want to see. Note that the element displayed is different depending on which page you have selected (Import/Export), and type to/from package/directory. If you don't see a preview, then the file you are trying to view doesn't exist, or there's no viewer implemented for the selected file type.

To do the acutal exporting/importing, you have to choice if you want to export/import everything, or just some selected items. Everything exports every file that happens to be in the game/package/directory, depending on which tab, and type you are displaying. Selected items, exports/imports, the items you have selected in the listbox. Use the check boxes, to select them. If the destination exists it will be overwritten, without warning, so be carful. Non existing items are added. That means that you can add several categories to the same package, you just export selected multiple times.

A new function in version 1.4 is that you can restore the original files, from the cd, that you can use if you have made a mistake, or for some other reason want to go back to the original. Restore everything explains itself, but note that the current implementation copies everything, also things that are not editable from the editor, like the game music. Selected category, means everything that's under the selected item in the tree view. If you have "Cars" selected, all cars will be restored and if you have a single car selected, then just that car will be restored. Selected items, are the items you have selected using checkboxes. It can only be done, if you are viewing the game files, meaning you have the export tab selected. The physics restores just the files that modifies the handling, or any other thing that can affect the driving, like collision objects.

Note that all export/import functions, can take a long time to complete. So be patient, the editor may seem to have hanged, but in fact it's working. So, don't kill it unless it haven't responded, for 5-10 minutes.

Common operations:

-The most basic one, Importing a downloaded RTP file
This is very easy if you have the editor set up properly as explained earlier, just double click, and answer yes to the question, and the package will be installed.

-Edit a car texture, import it to the game and create an RTP file, for distribution
1. Start the editor. And make sure that export tab is selected, and that the export to directory radio button is checked.
2. Enter the correct export path, in the editbox, you can choose that freelly, but I recommend that you keep the default.
3. Browse the game files, using the tree view, and listbox, select the checkbox, for the item you want to edit. If you have enough room on the drive you can alternatively export everything, or select all files in the selected car. Then choose the correct export option from the menu, or click the correct speedbutton.
4. Now it's time to move over to directory view. So, select import, and import from directory. Then search the file you just exported, and double click on it. The file will now open in you prefered editor, if you have it correctly set up in the options.
5. Edit the file and save it.
6. Now return to BZF manager, and select the file again in the same view, (import and import from directory)
7. Select the file again, using the checkbox, and choose import selected.
8. Now you can switch over to the other view again, and check if the file imported correctly.
9. Start the game and test.
10. If everything is ok, and you don't want to export more files, if not repeat from step 3 or 4, then choose export to package.
11. Enter a describing package name, or use the browse button.
12. Select all checkboxes for the files you have edited, and choose export selected. If you have edited files in more than one category, and therefore can't select all files in one step, repeat this step.
13 Upload the file to an internet site, for example But make sure that you don't compress the package with another software, for example winzip. The files are already compressed, and the installation will be much easier for the user, if you choose not to do so.

-You modified some files, and now Casper, or Relay Client says that you have modified physics
This is also an easy one, just choose restore physics to default. Insert the cd, and wait a few minutes for it to be restored, and it will work again.

-You downloaded a carset, but it's zipped and there's no RTP, file inside it, just a directory.
The first thing to do is to contact the carset maker, and inform him that he should upload it as a package instead. But if that doesn't help, you have to import it from a directory with correct structure. If the zip contains for example the directory car_20, you will need to create a directory named cars, and put car_20 there. Then when you start the editor, you choose import and import from directory. Then specify the base directory for "cars" in the edit box. Meaning if you created the cars directory in ExportedData, you choose ExportedData, and not Cars. Then the files should show up, in the editor, if you select them using the treeview and listbox.

Version history:

v0.5-0.9 Versions only released for a few selected people, for beta testing.
v1.0 The first public release
v1.1 Same as 1.0, but the download is in zip format rather than rar.
v1.4 -BugFixes:
+ Export to package fails on windows 98 machines.
+ Export to package fails on win2k/winxp, if you export to another drive than your system drive.
+ Same as the two above, but for delete files
+ Import from directory used the data from the export directory, instead of import
+ Some other smaller things, I don't remember
-Feature add-ons:
+ Physics editing now enabled
+ Options for default editors, and defualt directories, package names
+ RTP file extension can be associated with the edtior, for much easier package installing
+ The import and export functions are now much faster
+ Included restore options to restore things from the game cd
+ I had missed some files you were able to export/import, for example driver names, those are included now.
+ Probably some other things too
Fixed editor crash, when the default editors couldn't be automatically detected.
Fixed, importing and exporting of some files
Fixed cd detection routine

Known bugs:
The default editors can't be detected on every system. It leaves them blank in that case.

And finally important things to remember:
Always upload RTP files, and don't compress those files another time using Winzip, or Winrar for example
Always keep backups of you own work, if you do something wrong. The files from the game can easilly be restored, but not your own work.
Ask questions on the forum, I'm always there to help you, at least I'm trying to.

Current version can be downloaded from
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.42 11:44pm, 1st May 2003 20239

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