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Peugeot 206 WRC

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Size3.36 MB ( 3522831 bytes )
Added4:57pm, 22nd May 2003
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The very successful 206 WRC now in RT, with 2003 paintscheme
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Peugeot 206 WRC v1.1 (2003 05 17)

Animated wipers will be added to the car as soon as the bug in the
Z-modeler plugins are solved.


Contact me at:

More info and my other work:



1. To install this car into Rally Trophy, you first need to download
and install the LATEST VERSION of BZFManager avilble here:
(links to the above downloadplaces can be found at my site too...)

2. When BZFManager is installed, all you need to do is doubbleclick on
206wrc_v11.rtp and it will auto-install itself.

3. Play the game! The Peugeot replaces car 20 in the game (Alpine FTC)



The second WRCar is now avalible to drive in Rally Trophy. It has been a
big joy to make it, and just as with the Impreza I made the whole car
from scratch. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

Update v1.1: Since the first release I have been playing with physics and
learned more 3d so you could say the physics are all new and the 3d-model
has got all the errors fixed.



v1.0 (2003 02 24)
* First release

v.1.1 (2003 05 17)
* The normals are now fixed... This gives the car much better
light-effects with shadows and reflections.
* When the light was from behind it just shined straight through the car
leaving a very strange shadow on the ground before. This is fixed.
* The tyres are now narrower (200mm wide) and moved out a bit so the
front and rear trackwidth is wider giving the car better handling.
* The center of gravity is now placed higher and so that it gives the car
a more accurate front-rear weight distribution. Higher CoG compensate
for the extremely good stability that came with the new placing of the
wheels. It also makes rolls, sideforces and diping nose during braking
etc more realistic.
* 140 kg are added in weight to represent driver and co-driver and the
intire suspention setup are tuned to suite the new weight and weight
* Re-tuned engine. I'm very thankful for the telimetry they show on TV
this season!
* Some changes making the car a bit slower/realistic.
* Tons of other physics stuff...
* Some stuff changed in textures.
* Probably something more that I can't remember...


Technical data:

Max torque 535 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Max power 300+ hp @ 5250 rpm
Max rpm 7500 rpm
Weight 1230 Kg
Drive 4WD
Gearbox 6-speed sequential (very fast shifting)

Gravel tests are at default setup
Tarmac tests are at default setup, but with stiffest suspention

0 - 100 Km/h (gravel) 3.3 s
0 - 150 Km/h (gravel) 6.8 s
100 - 0 Km/h (gravel) 2.5 s

0 - 100 Km/h (tarmac) 3.0 s
0 - 150 Km/h (tarmac) 6.4 s
100 - 0 Km/h (tarmac) 2.1 s

0 - 402 m (tarmac) 11.0 s
Top speed 220 km/h (Longest gearbox)


Driving tips:

Keep the rpm around 6500 at the countdown and push the throttle
fully down just as you select the first gear. The 4WD will do the rest!

Brake and make sure you have selected the right gear befor you enter
the corner. Shifting down in corners will only slow you down. Sometimes
it can be useful, though.

The HANDBRAKE will lock up all 4 wheels, not just the rear. This is
because the Rally Trophy game engine does not support a center differential.
But, if you keep full throttle and only use the handbrake for a really
short time the rear end will come out. Not as much as with the 2wd cars
but it will come out. Be careful not to use it to long as it will kill
the rpm and you will loose loads of time.

LEFT-FOOT-BRAKING is a good way to get the car into a nice slide on
slippry surfaces. It's very useful if you start understearing in a turn.
If you use a rear brake-balance this works fine. But you must not let go
of the throttle while touching the brake with the left, as it will result
in the same as the handbrake - killing the rpm. Of course it only works
if you have throttle and brake on separate axles.

SCANDINAVIAN FLICS. This has been discribed many times in forums and on
webpages but heres my way of doing it with 4wd in Rally Trophy.
Every time I mention braking in the scandinaivian flic, I mean doing
it with the left foot.
Before a tight righthand turn you should put the car on the right side
of the road. At some distance, depending on the speed, release the
throttle and start braking hard. All the time you have to change down
so that the rpm stays where the power is.
When the distance to the corner is about half of what it was when you
started braking, quickly release the brake and at the same time apply
full throttle and stear left. The car should now 'snap' to the left. As
it does, you should release the throttle and apply the brakes again, but
not as hard as before. Now you should be in a 4 wheel slide with the front
of the car pointing away from the corner, in this case to the left. You
may have to stear a bit to the right so you don't end up pointing to
much to the left, but I think the optimal is to have the front wheels
in line with the car (center the stearingwheel).
The turning in point befor the corner depends on the corner and the
speed. A tight turn has a relatively late turning in point and if the
turn is long, like a hairpin, it is eaven later. But it's allways befor
the road itself starts turning. High speed moves the turning in point
to an earlier position.
Just befor you reach the turning in point, push the trottle fully down
and slowly start releasing the brake. (The brake should be fully
released as you are in the middle of the turn, at the apex.) At the
same time, stear to the right, and you should end up in a
When you are at the point where you no longer are braking and are
about to start exiting the turn, you can try to pump with the throttle
a bit to get the maximum grip from the tires. If the tires are spinning
madly, you will only move gravel backwards instead of moving the car

Try to slide as litle as possible, especially on tarmac. (But it's better
to overstear than it is to understear...)

Try to keep full throttle in medium and high speed turns.

Use the massive torque at medium rpm's.

Don't go too fast over big jumps, you will only loose lots of time when
taking the impact from the landing.

The fastest way to drive any rallycar is to have all the tires on the



The author of this update for Rally Trophy is not responsible for any
trouble caused by using it.

If you use this model as a base for youre own work:

* You are allowed to use this model as a base for youre own work, as
long as you make it clear that you are not the original author of the
* I apriciate a notification before any release.
* Only include the files that you have changed in youre version.
(ie. if you only make a new skin, only have that in youre download)

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 4:57pm, 22nd May 2003 4721
1.0 3:41am, 22nd April 2003 835
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