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Downloads » Race 07 / GTR Evo / Race On » Misc Files & Patches - Evo

GTR-Evo Race 07 Real look Enbseries DLL

File Details
Size66 kB ( 67603 bytes )
Added2:54am, 18th November 2008
Description [hide]
New look GTR-Evo
Makes the Sim look a lot more real. IMO
No over done bloom effects or stuff like that.

Using Boris Vorontsov Enbseries plugin DLL - Thanks!

DLL edited by RMi Release Group to show GTR-E/Race 07 - Thanks!

( Alt+Tab will NOT work using these Enbseries' DLL's )

If your game will NOT run after installing Enbseries (Using Vista or Windows 7 maybe) then...
Download the - d3dx9_26.dll
Found here:
and place it in the same folder as the Enbseries.
Tested in Windows 7 64bit = working.

**Sky fix** by Marnarca - Thanks. Fixes black band issue. Link below.

* *

Updated to a slightly less dark & colours less vivid, bit more tweaked, and unused stuff turned off.

Old one still in the zip if it's prefered, just rename it ;)

Frame rate and look all dependant on Graphics card, AA/AF
Though I have 4AA 16 AF on and have np's.
I had no big drop in frame rate (-10 fps max -from my normal minimum frame rate)
Using Ati-3870

*Now we just need the Draw distance on the cars set higher for Nurburgring!*
To stop them vanishing while still in view.
*PLease Simbin, patch the Car LOD from 400 to 800*
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
Unzip, place d3d9.dll & enbseries.ini in Race 07 folder. Other .ini's just there incase people wanted to old ones.

Shift+F12 to enable/disable.

If you find it too dark, just change this line

DarkeningAmountDay=30 ( lower it to make it lighter - small steps )

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.3 2:54am, 18th November 2008 9049
1.2 11:11pm, 16th November 2008 272
1.2 7:04pm, 16th November 2008 131
1.1 10:03am, 16th November 2008 211
1.0 9:16am, 16th November 2008 39

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