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Downloads » GTR2 » Misc Files

GTR2 Bulk Talent File Generator

File Details
Size44 kB ( 45385 bytes )
Added3:52am, 25th April 2009
Description [hide]
This Excel macro driven utility enables GTR2 owners to generate talent files in bulk from tabulated data.
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Readme [hide]
This Excel macro driven utility enables GTR2 owners to generate talent files in bulk from tabulated data.


1. Complete the mandatory columns (headers shaded green) in the 'Talent' workbook.
2. To ensure that a talent file is generated for a particular row mark the 'Generate' column is with the letter X (uppercase).
3. Select the generate button below.

How it works

This generator will output files into 'class' sub-folders within the default GTR2 talent directory - C:\Program Files\GTR2\GameData\Talent. This file path is hardcoded into the macro and can be changed manually by selecting TOOLS > MACROS > VISUAL BASIC EDITOR and locating the 'CreateTalentFile' sub procedure - within 'Sheet2(Talent)'.

The precise location of each talent file is determined by the value in the 'Team Class Folder' column in the 'Talent' workbook. This value needs to precisely match the 'class folder' which the team is located in (e.g. GameData\Teams\GT\Saleen Teams; GameData\Teams\2007 ALMS MOD\Ferrari 430 Teams).

The macro derives most of its talent values from the spreadsheet, although a number are hardcoded such as 'CorneringAdd' and 'RaceColdBrainMin'

Other Information

A wealth of driver names from FIA GT and LE MANS (GT only) from the years 2005, 2007 and 2008 are provided. Talent values have been determined for a number of these drivers, but they are by no means perfect, nor complete. There are a number of duplicate drivers, but where these exist the talent file values are identical for each instance.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 3:52am, 25th April 2009 937
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