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Size15.77 MB ( 16533508 bytes )
Added11:03am, 6th May 2009
Description [hide]
this a new version and is based on the latest track released with the rFactor GPC79 mod and 2.1 track pack, Although its the same layout as the earlier one, there were several changes made to rFactor version to include it in the latest 2.1 pack..
now I have retextured and updated it for GTR2 and Race07, done lots of little extras, some are not that noticible ..but you should find the road is smoother going past the pits,.. the pits now have the new entrance, so starts are better and cars wont miss passing the xpitin.. some had problems running the original, on servers made a few changes..

released the patch for those that already have 2.5 , see gtr2 track patches
GPC Kyalami79 v2.6.. corrected AIW file and updated GDB file see readme

you will need to delete the GPCKyalami79 hatfile from your log
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Readme [hide]
GPC Kyalami79 v2.6..
updated 2.2
apart from putting the safety car in better positions, I made some changes to textures, a few barriers retextured and repmapped, changed the blurry texture on th brickwork columns, plus this now has proper gtr2 type startlights and pit lights ..also included the new high res texture for the skyboxi by 6e660.. made a couple of adjustments to the cameras by the pits since placing the updated startlights.

updates 2.5
fixed problems running the track online, new aiw file and updated pits area, some materials/textures ..

updated 2.6
after spending over two days to sort out and fix the earlier CTD problems, and after the online testing, thanks to "sunalp2" and "=SiGi=" of eSR, I repacked the 2.5 rar for upload to nogrip, but unfortunately I only went and removed the wrong aiw file, so the uploaded version 2.5 has the old aiw file, version 2.6 now has the correct one with the fixes for online use, including the updated fast path, because some ai cars were sliding off at sunset bend,
Plus with regard to that, this also now includes an altered gdb with northdir=140 changed has suggested by "robrace" above, so "everyone can be on the same page" and to prevent any gdb mismatch problems if used online..
regards and Thanks
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.6 11:03am, 6th May 2009 2721
2.5 9:42am, 1st May 2009 655
2.02 3:01am, 9th March 2009 1301
2.01 11:23pm, 5th March 2009 910

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