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Escort BBS wheels for Lotus Cortina

File Details
Size990 kB ( 1014181 bytes )
Added6:22pm, 17th May 2009
Description [hide]
Ford Escort deeper offset wheels fitted to the Lotus Cortina TC-65 livery. This is a visual mod only, does not affect the performance of Cortina, though it looks somewhat faster. ;-)

To use, extract contents of zip file to the folder of any Cortina livery you wish to equip with these wheels. The Cortina model uses a single style, so no other changes are necessary. If you decide not to use the wheels, delete the files from the same folder where you extracted them from the attached zip file.
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Readme [hide]
Readme file for Ford Escort wheels for Lotus Cortina

To install:

Extract the contents of the zip file to the folder of the
Cortina livery you want to equip with the wider wheels.

To use the wheels:

The GTL Lotus Cortina 3-D model has a single wheel style, so
no other changes are necessary to use this wheel set.


Simbin: GMTs and textures for Escort & Cortina wheels.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 6:22pm, 17th May 2009 404
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