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Size14.43 MB ( 15129825 bytes )
Added7:46pm, 15th June 2009
Description [hide]
This is a rendition of the later 70Osterreich released for GTR2 to represent an earlier seventies layout before the chicane was introduced.. but with some new textures and some remapped (some sections of the road) for this rfactor version,
extract rar to temp folder then copy the "70stracks" folder into your rFactor/GameData/locations..It will show up under 70stracks

Cheers Ken
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Readme [hide]
This version has no chicane but includes the remoddled last section, which some have commented is not strickly correct, so I claim artistic licence:) ... after all the feedback when the original gpcmod79 version was released back in 2006, I decided to make it more enjoyable to race, so this is based on the reworked track I did for GTR2/GTL, some textures have been remapped and redone in few places...
It will show up under 70stracks, Oesterrich70 on the track selection page, if anyone has happens to still have an earlier version named Osterreich70 its best to remove it and also delete any Oesterreich Hatfiles
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Version Released Downloads
1.00 7:46pm, 15th June 2009 1981

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