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Abarth 1000TCR

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Size83.31 MB ( 87357422 bytes )
Added10:10pm, 25th August 2009
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Hi from TeamZzZz.

Team ZzZz -Pizzaman-Zieman-sharpo-dbstreet.

Here is our version of the Abarth 1000 TCR.

Read the Read Me.

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The Abarth 1000TCR is actually an ‘improved 1000TC’. The main difference is the engine.

In this engine there is a RADIALE head and a lot of other modifications.

The development of the TCR was from ~ 1965 to 1974. The car had different engines, exhausts, carburetors

and even the suspension got modified. In the end, it lost even the carburettors and got fuel injection.

By then, the 1000TCR was a real little monster that drove around on very wide slicks, with an engine revving

way over 10.000 RPM. The suspension had gone as well, with double wishbones and coil springs replacing the front transverse leafs – and triangle multi-link replacing the rear (also to fit the fattest slicks possible).

This car

However, the 1974 is not this car. This car is the TCR as it was in 1969/1970. Lots of plastic parts, a hefty engine,

But no fuel-injection and no fat slicks, and old suspension. Besides that, all bodystyles between 1965 and 1970.

Performance should vary between the years, but for games sake only the last one is included.

Why are they so different

Complete ‘1969 spec’ cars are rare. This is because the Abarth was almost never sold as a complete package.

What usually happened is in 1963 Paulo bought a Fiat 600, then sold it after two years to Luigi.

Luigi then fitted some nice wheels and some engine mods, and after a year sold it to Mario.

Mario took it racing and fitted a lot of Abarth stuff. After a year or two, he sold the car to another racer.

This racer, let’s call him Mario, had less money so he could not buy all the stuff.

He had to make due with the old rev-counter, and also the old rear lid. But he did buy the engine.

Being Italian he’d probably rather spend the rest of his money on girls and fine wine.


The car has been tested and is quite comparable to Mini Cooper S, Alfa, Cortina and the (add-on) 1310, NSU, Lancia and Fulvia HF.

However it has its own little quirks and only drives good when you really ‘give it heaps’. Drive it Italian style.

Depending on the gearing it can accelerate really fast or have high top speed. Too much over-revving will blow it up.

Therefore it also has a nice long fifth for the people who want to take it to Monza. Nuts!


Unzip the to your Main GTL Folder.

You will need the "ABARTHSOUNDS" made by DUCFREAK for this to work properly.


There are 6 body/engine styles and 6 wheel styles, the genstring digit positions are as follows,

1 = wheels
2 = body
3 = hood
4 = windows
5 = cockpit
67 = helmet

(The body windows and cockpit are all linked to create continuity in the detail differences so if you make any other cars to release please get it right)

Because of the many differences there will be another car pack (or two) coming.

In it will be a few things that are not available now because they are not 100% fixed yet.


- DUCFREAK for the sounds.
- The add-on server crew for comparing to other cars and live feedback;
- Resident alien BeepBeep2 for taking it to the 110%;
- Nig, NoCaTu, Mildrew, Gstaraz & LucaLuca for skin-ideas and bugs reports, probably forgetting some...;
- Pitradio for fixing Pizzamans dreaded problem with DDS files in Paint Shop Pro;
- All those keeping us going at it through CTDs, PC blow-ups, HD deaths and Windows crashes;
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1.0 10:10pm, 25th August 2009 3153

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