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Size5 kB ( 5450 bytes )
Added5:47pm, 6th October 2009
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These settings have been painstakingly developed by myself to try and give you more realistic information coming through the steering wheel. (Couldn't have done this without Jul's awesome FFB guide, infinite thanks.) :-).

What I have done is change things so you get more information about the mass transfer of the vehicle as opposed to only getting information about the grip of the tires. Also the forces you feel from the tires are now being generated 100% by the front wheels. You can still feel what the rear tires are doing but the forces now come from the mass of the car acting on the steering rack instead of the grip of the tires.

These settings we’re made using the G25 so they will work best with that but I have no idea what it will feel like with other wheels.

If you haven’t read the read me, read it. There you will find settings for control panel and in game rotation.

I hope someone will benefit from having these settings. As I am not capable of modding or building tracks this is my way of giving a little back to the community.

****V.2 Changes

>Reintroduced negative Friction and Damper effects to smooth overall force and add weight to the steering because......

>Reduced FFB steer force output max significantly. Strength was too strong before in some situations and covered up the more detailed forces coming through the wheel.

>Lots of small changes.

>Feels more real than before :-)
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Readme [hide]

Put this RCS.file into your.......

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\My Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\UserData\ControlSet or where ever your ControlSet folder is located.


Use these settings in control panel.....

Overall strength = 101%
Spring and damper strength = 0%

Centre spring = 0%

As for rotation and lock values here are some figures to get you on your way....

WTCC 06/07.540*.18-22*
WTCC 87.900*.24-27*
F1 05.540*.19-22*
GT CARS/DTM/V8'.540*.18-22*
PORSCHE 996.900*.29.5*
ROAD CARS.900*.30-34*
787B.540*.21 or 23*
RMI SUPERCARS......….900*.30-34* (You will have to change the lock settings in the HDC.file as RMI never puts the lock above 23*.)

Please note that altering a cars HDC.file will cause online mismatches.

It is also worth mentioning that I use very low "look to apex" values as this greatly effects the FFB feeling by giving a false sense of understeer. 5% is the highest I will use.

Please also read Julien Regnard's excellent FFB guide for more information about the subject.
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Version Released Downloads
2.0 5:47pm, 6th October 2009 9398
1.00 9:09pm, 17th July 2009 3267

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