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Downloads » GTR2 » Misc Files

RunAff - Executes and Sets Processor Affinity

File Details
Size797 kB ( 815917 bytes )
Added9:33pm, 8th May 2010
Description [hide]
This utility will launch any program, and then set its Processor Affinity Mask in the background, after a delay.

The mask governs which cores the program will be allowed to use.

This version supports masks for up to 16 processors (0 - 15)

Command line parameters can now be passed on to the program

Support has been added to handle multiple instances of the launched program

It will beep and/or click while running, and announce the success or failure using audio files stored in the Sounds folder. You can replace these with your own.

New options are included to suppress the sounds, and to display a status window

Errorlevel support has been added, so that calling processes can check for success

It is written using AutoIt v3.0 (
(The source script is included if you prefer to compile it yourself)

Now with sensible folder names, so hopefully easier to upgrade next time.

The program does not make the game faster.

Telling Windows to let GTR2 use all your CPUs makes your game faster. Nobody knows why.

You can do this without the program in the Task Manager (Processes Tab, right click GTR2.exe, select "Set Affinity..." )

This program just does the same thing (so you don't have to Alt+tab, which can crash the game)

Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
See the PDF included for full details

here some examples: (note: use quotes for any pathnames which include spaces)

RunAff GTR2.exe "C:\Program Files\SimBin\GTR 2" 0123 40
- Set for the first 4 processors, after 40 seconds

RunAff GTL.exe C:\GTL 0123 10 WaitStarForce
- Set for the first 4 processors, 10 secs after StarForce quits

RunAff GTL.exe C:\GTL 23 0
- Set for the 3rd & 4th processors, immediately but...
NOTE: a zero delay will probably fail as GTL takes time to start :)

RunAff GTL.exe C:\GTL 9 120
- Set to run on the 10th processor, after 2 minutes
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.3 9:33pm, 8th May 2010 1586
1.2 3:40am, 8th May 2010 105
1.1 2:30am, 8th May 2010 5
1.0 5:11am, 2nd May 2010 232

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