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Downloads » GTR2 » Misc Files

Maserati Trofeo sound mod

File Details
Size2.3 MB ( 2416395 bytes )
Added5:46pm, 22nd October 2010
Description [hide]
Sound mod for the Maserati Trofeo ( WSGT version )

*** You need the WSGT mod for GTR2 to use it ***
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
No screenshots have been added for this file.
Readme [hide]
If you use it and you want to go back please make a copy of your old exisiting
TROFEOsounds.aud file.

Sound files must not be saved, because the mod create this own directory!

Extract all sound files in the GTR2\sounds\engine\Trofeo directory. Extract the
TROFEOsounds.aud file in the GTR2\teams\WSGT\Maserati Trofeo Teams directory.

The mod comes with a modified WSGT_TROFEO_F136_V8.eng file for a better gear range. Use it or leave it. Your choice.

I love this car. So i think the sounds, all off them, are like the original in- and out car sounds.

Have a nice day.......

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.00 12:49am, 22nd October 2010 333

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