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Buttkicker Audio Enhancement

File Details
Size14 kB ( 14574 bytes )
Added2:15am, 11th November 2010
Description [hide]

F1 2010 *Buttkicker* Audio Enhancement 0.3

This mod is mostly for users of the Buttkicker Gamer/2 or other Buttkicker device, but it can be used on any system. I've made some adjustments to enhance feedback via the Buttkicker (bass where it's needed, reduced elsewhere) and to give better audio feedback from the tyres. Enjoy!

V0.3 - 11/11/10

1. Corrected tyre scrub volumes.
2. Adjusted pitch of the wet tyre scrub sound.
3. Audio no longer dips when the engineer speaks.
4. Some small volume tweaks.


1. Further improved feedback from the road.
2. Balanced audio levels across the game, including race start, race end and transitions.
3. Adjusted tyre scrub to be more accurate/informative.
4. Wheel spin is now audible in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear.
5. Heavy collisions now give a nice thud.
6. Players car now louder than AI.


1. Enhanced audio feedback from suspension travel. (You should feel more bumps in the track)
2. Increased overall bass when on track.
3. Adjusted tyre scrub and skid to be more audible. (may remove later)
4. Reduced volume of intro videos.
5. Reduced volume of some UI elements.

Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
Copy each file to the 'audio' folder in your F1 2010 directory. Remember to make a backup of the original files! I recommend setting the in game music volume to 50% as it can overpower the Buttkicker.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
0.3 2:15am, 11th November 2010 416
0.2 11:55pm, 24th October 2010 223
0.1 8:25pm, 19th October 2010 148
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