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Ultimate Water Effects including all Cams

File Details
Size14.38 MB ( 15081923 bytes )
Added12:32pm, 3rd December 2010
Description [hide]
Water Effects and Newly Adjusted Cams Included.
Camera has 8 different views. They were adjusted for optimum use of the mod.
Complete Water Effects are included.
Installation file is included with download.

Video demonstration will be uploaded shortly.
If your game crashes when starting a race do the following:
- restart the game, go to Time Trials and open the same track where you just crashed. It will run without problem.
- go back to the race you first started and you will not crash any more.
It's one of the quirks you can't explain but it always works.
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
No screenshots have been added for this file.
Video [hide]
Readme [hide]
Ultimate Water Effect Mod Including Adjusted Cams.

Mod contains 4 folders
- cars
- effects
- postprocess
- tracks

After backing up the files listed below, copy the mod folders to your F12010 main folder.

The following files will be overwritten:
- cars\ (camera file in all tracks folders) ALL CAMERA FILES HAVE BEEN ADJUSTED FOR OPTIMUM VIEWING.
\generics\f1\car_gen_high.pssg (This file is optional and is provided for high end systems. Ultra HD quality)

- effects\textures

- postprocess\texturesets

- tracks\waterdefs.xml
\circuits\weather_fx.xml (weather file in all track folders)
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
3.0 9:41pm, 2nd December 2010 933

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