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Enhanced Audio by Derinahon

File Details
Size170 kB ( 173901 bytes )
Added1:05pm, 16th December 2010
Description [hide]
F1 2010 ENHANCED AUDIO by Derinahon, V1.0 - 12/12/2010

This mod adjusts several audio aspects of the game. Originally for Buttkicker users, it's now designed for everyone :)

The key features are:

*Replay audio settings reworked. It now sounds like a race :)
*AI audio filter changed, giving a nicer sound to AI cars.
*Tyre audio settings reworked including scrub, lock up and spin (different settings for wet and dry races).
*No audio dip when the engineer speaks in race.
*Louder collisions and scrapes with barriers.
*Bass and volume levels adjusted throughout the game.

Buttkicker specific:
The above and...
*Audio from suspension travel adjusted and enhanced for Buttkicker users. You will now get feedback from bumpy tracks.
*Better feedback from collisions.
*Bass levels adjusted throughout the game.
*Slightly lowered the very heavy start up sound.If you like the mod or have input, please post some feedback!

V1.0 12/12/2010

*Version 1.0 contains separate variations for Buttkicker users. This removes suspension travel noise for other users.
*Xtreme settings for the Buttkicker. Extra bass!!
*Less suspension noise for the Buttkicker version
*Balancing - Slight increase for AI sounds in cockpit view
*Balancing - Slight decrease for reflections
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Video [hide]
Readme [hide]

0) Choose which variation of the mod best suits you and your equipment (See the included 'Quick Explanation for help).

1) Copy the 'audio' folder to your F1 2010 directory. Remember to make a backup of the original files!

2) The game sounds best with Hardware audio, or Rapture3d (Spatialisation and processing set as high as possible). Software is OK, but not as good IMO.

3) Buttkicker users should lower your music volume in game as required.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 1:05pm, 16th December 2010 1339
0.5 12:53am, 22nd November 2010 368
0.41 2:45am, 21st November 2010 0
0.4 1:18am, 21st November 2010 0

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