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MoTeC i2 Pro Tools-Analysis of DIFF Function

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Added9:52pm, 29th December 2010
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These instructions describe how to obtain vehicle driveline differential function information from recorded MoTeC i2 Pro data when playing sim-racing games, such as, GTR2.

The tools presented herein will assist you in the analysis of how the differential (DIFF) is functioning as a result of vehicle and DIFF set-up parameter settings, and the instantaneous dynamic conditions resulting from driver inputs and racetrack characteristics.

Guidance is provided in organizing a “DIFF Function” worksheet that will show channel reports for: the relative difference in wheel rotational speed between the right and left side driving wheels (DIFF %), and three “flag” indicators, used for alerting you to the presence of various abnormal conditions.


Thanks to:

· MoTeC for making i2 Pro available to the community.

· All the game developers for creating all the great sim games we have.

· N2LO, Frank Alexandre, Geoff Crammonds and MotorFx for Monaco 2007 used for the demonstration of these expressions.

· Racerm and Carrera 4 for the F1-1988 mod.

· NogripRacing for providing a place to share.
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Four (4) MoTeC i2 Pro “User Math” expressions and three (3) “Constant” expressions are used to define the DIFF function:


a.) DIFF %
b.) Inside Wheel Spin-Up Flag
c.) Inside Wheel Brake Skid Flag
d.) Inside Wheel Back-Torque Skid Flag


e.) Diff Limit Right
f.) Diff Limit Left
g.) Spin Up Sensitivity

The four expressions provide channel reports that will be used in a “DIFF Function” worksheet, which can be used, like any other MoTeC i2 worksheet, employing all of the available tool options. The three “Constant” elements (e, f, & g) are used to calibrate, or constrain, the “Flag” expressions in working with specific track characteristics, explained later.


Open the MoTeC i2 Pro application.

Copy all of the expressions (see enclosed expression files) one at a time, and Paste them into the Add Expressions page under the Tools menu:

Tools-----Maths------Global Maths-----User------Add Expression

Be sure to enter the correct expression name, and then paste the expression into the “Expression” box. Select “Unitless” for units.

Follow the same steps for the “DIFF Limit Right”, “DIFF Limit Left”, and the “Spin Up Sensitivity” constants except, select the Add Constants option. Enter the name and add “none” for units. Be sure to also enter the number value and sign for each.
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