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Downloads » rFactor » Misc Files

Black Night Sky

File Details
Authorcroissant (See all uploads by croissant)
Size19 kB ( 19896 bytes )
Added11:39pm, 31st December 2010
Description [hide]
Night Sky without moon or stars or clouds to make well-lit tracks more realistic during night races.

************Back up your:***********
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
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Readme [hide]
I made this as I wanted a bit more realistic night driving for rfactor, especially on modern and well-lit tracks where you simply do not see stars because of the artificial lights. The standard rfactor night sky with its very light blue colours and the somewhat corny (and stretched!!) moon imho does not look like right for that, it is maybe better for naturally dark tracks where the kitschy stars and moon actually provide some orientation marks. :-D

Anyway, place this either in your RFACTOR/GAMEDATA/LOCATIONS main folder to make it work for all tracks (well, at least all tracks that use the common skies, which are most of them) or place it inside the track folder of a specific track you want to enable it for. At least that's what I heard from other modmakers, I only used the main LOCATIONS folder.

I recommend the second way as the edited night sky looks better on city and similar tracks with lots of lamps etc., but on more rural tracks it can maybe be a bit disorientating for some to have no light/stars/moon to look at . Otoh it helps to focus on the track that way :-P

As always: Make backups of all files you overwrite, especially if you use the LOCATIONS main folder.

The DDS was made in Paint.Net (freeware). It works on my computer, that's all i can guarantee for. Dec.2010

Curious Stuff: Despite the first look the file is NOT completely black, the outer edges are very slightly blue. This helps to improve the day/night transition in rfactor and looks better.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:43am, 30th December 2010 506
Thanks [hide]
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