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1976 Formula Two

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Size132.3 MB ( 138727129 bytes )
Added1:50pm, 2nd January 2011
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1976 Formula 2 European Championship Mod for rFactor
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1976 Formula 2 European Championship Mod for rFactor

Unpack to your main rFactor folder.

All of my car models are made using zmodeler1, zmodeler2 and 3dsimed, Thank you to those programs.

All 3D models - Dave Sabre.
Texture mapping - Dave Sabre.
Textures - Dave Sabre.
Physics - Dave Sabre.

Go to for info about Formula 2

Thanks to Norm Borczon for testing.
Thanks to Strava (Jim) for his work on wheels etc.

Dave Sabre.

1976 Formula 2 European Championship
Probably the most competitive year of Formula Two racing ever, with 11 chassis manufactures and 6 engine manufactures.
The engine manufactures were BMW, Renault, Hart, Lancia, Ford and Arbath. The BMW was the most developed of the engines having been used since 1973. With the 1976 rules allowing engines purely developed for racing Renualt V6 and Hart entered the championship. The Lancia (V6 from the Startos) was powerful but suffered from a lack of development. The Arbath (holbay developed) was a straight six engine and only managed to practise a Thruxton where it suffered from crankshaft problems and was not seen again in the championship. The Ford engine had been around for a few years but didn't produce enough power to be competitve, it was really only used by small privateer drivers.

For Round 6 of the 1976 Formula 2 European Championship at Hockenheim there was a record entry for the season of 45 cars with only 26 cars allowed to start. All of the races (expect Estoril) had more cars enter than could start.

Cars in this mod
Elf 2J Renault
Martini MK19 Renault
March 762 BMW, Hart, Ford
March 752 BMW, Hart, Ford
Chevron B35 BMW, Hart, Ford
Ralt RT1 BMW, Hart, Ford
Lola T450 BMW, Hart, Ford
Toj F201 BMW
Boxer PR276 Ford
Modus M7 Hart
Wheatcroft P26 Holbay/Abarth

In this mod the cars up to car number 48 are the cars that competed in the 1976 F2 series. The cars up from number 50 are the types of cars that could be purchased by a driver, so if you want to race against the cars in 1976 series you can use a car from number or above. If you want to compete only with the 1976 cars then delete from the folder All_Teams the folders that begin at number 50 and above.
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1.0 1:50pm, 2nd January 2011 3684

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