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Size23.7 MB ( 24854857 bytes )
Added1:57pm, 13th January 2011
Description [hide]

this is not a Lighting mod, this mod contains textures for the smoke damage, and rain water.
if you want to use this mod with a lighting mod, I recommend the " RDDev gladlight weather mod v12" is a perfect marriage. but do not install that part of Weather that comes with it, and yes, my mod

-----------------------------Installer version 1.0----------------------------------------------------------
- Now the water spray, is spiral-shaped, simulating the turbulence generated by the tires
- new textures for the drops of rain are four variations *
- New forms of smoke ( dry climate )
- Texture of damage to the car was also changed
* the effects of raindrop, are not good in DirectX 9
-------------------------------Installer version 1.1---------------------------------------------------------
- Now in directx 9 , and with much sharpness in directx 11 version
- Kept another installer with the version of raindrops more blurry
contains the restoration to the original *
* This installer contains the restoration, but combined with the fix for the raindrops sharper of the two versions DX9 and DX11, so if you want to restore the original files from the patch 1.01, use the other installer.
it contains the original, more blurry of patch 1.01

made by Vlasovas

thanks to Rengav2099 - Karurosu - T3Zz - Ron Sandrin - RDDev - Rini Braat - and all who have created climate mods


Please do not criticize me, my first job with textures, I never used Photoshop in life.
the raindrops have different textures, their names are in relation to texture, but there is little difference between them because the shape of the drops are
unique (Limitation of Game)
the difference is in color shades and shapes of brightness for the most varied tastes between lighter and darker.
the highlight is the spray in spiral, and smoke of sand and gravel in dry weather, which is also in spiral.
is another variation to choose between the other mods, I know some will not like, but I tried to give the maximum possible reality in the spray (see photo of the Virgin)
is not very good with directx 9, it is more targeted to the same directx 11
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Screenshots [hide]
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Readme [hide]

Due to the difference in the installer with the fix for DirectX 9, where the directx 11 also became more sharp, without the effect of blurred patch 1.01.
I decided to leave it with two different installers.

1.0 - contains the installer initial mod, where it is made entirely based on patch 1.01.
the raindrops are more blurry. and is not legal in DirectX 9, only DirectX 11 .

1.1 - the installer contains the mod to fix for the raindrops on DirectX 9, and as a result also improved sharpness in directx 11, but the restoration of this installer, already contains the fix for the raindrops on DirectX 9, so the need to have another installer, which restores all the original files from patch 1.01, and is another option for those who like rain drops also more blurry
both are cool

Added a test, with rain drops in high-definition 2096 X 2096
I don't noticed no difference except in the transition of colors,but I decided to add also, works in DX 9 and DX 11
consider as a test

-Troubleshooting Guide-

to circumvent problems with version 1.1

Open the folder C: \ Users \ YOUR USERNAME \ Documents \ My Games \ FormulaOne \ hardwaresettings

hardware_settings_config.xml and edit the file.

where is <postprocess enabled="true" blur="true" quality="2" />
Change the value blur = "true"quality = "2 " to blur="true" quality="1"
that solve problems of crashes or other things

to see the water on the track, this is not a problem of the mod, but from codemasters, you should go in the same document
and add the parameter <track_info_system type="gpu" /> before the parameter </hardware_settings_config>
<track_info_system type="gpu" /></hardware_settings_config>
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 8:25am, 13th January 2011 1693
1.0 3:52pm, 12th January 2011 0

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