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2010 Tv Speedmeter

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Size129 kB ( 132092 bytes )
Added12:03am, 17th January 2011
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2010 Tv Speedmeter v1.0 for F1 2010
Hi all,F1 gamers!
Since many of you and i wanted a speedmeter as closer as the one FIA use for onboard cameras,i decided to make it myself.
I said as closer as possible because the game doesn't allow to move textures on the screen,so i tried to maintain the original,but i was forced to make it a little bit different and to create myself some things like gears and fuel indicator.
I was also forced to get rid of the speed indicator (which is in the centre of the rev counter) because numbers were too big.
I hope you'll still like and enjoy it!!
I will try to make it closer to real if i will find the way...
Contact me (contacts in the Readme file) if you have any trouble or suggestions.(forgive me for my english,i'm italian :P)
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2010 Tv Speedmeter v1.0 for F1 2010


Hi all F1 2010 gamers!
This mod introduces into the game the (almost) official tv speedmeter used by FIA.
As i haven't found it anywhere and as many people said it wouldn't be made because of the restrictions of the game,i decided to do it myself.
You certainly have seen from the preview images that it isn't completely the same as tv,and i will explain here why.
First,the game itself forces the speedemeter to have speed in the middle of the rev counter,gears in the bottom-right corner (instead of in the
middle of the rev counter),radio and fuel indicators under the speed.
As the rev counter needs to have a small hole in the center and as i couldn't change the size of the numbers
of the speed,i decided to get rid of the speed counter (i always read the speed from the wheel using the tv camera,but most of the time i don't
even need to read it,so i don't think it is a big problem).
For the radio indicator,i didn't like the original one that Codemasters put into the game,di i conveted it into a simple red indicator,more likely
with tv style. The radio one was right into the area in which the blue rev counter starts,so i had to get rid of it too,as it isn't an important indicator.
Finally,i couldn't introduce speed,throttle and brake indicators as the game doesn't allow modders (for now :P) to edit these things.



Just put "b_osdPersistent.pssg" into the "frontend" folder of the game (usually the directory of the game is "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\F1 2010")


Greetings and final considerations

Perhaps i will modify this mod,as i want to put the radio indicator or make it as tv-ish as possible. I will pay attention to F1 modders,as maybe they
will be able to edit the game and so i will fix speed,gears or whatever i can to make it tv-ish.
If you have any trouble with it or give me advices,please send me a pm on or send an email to
I made this mod all by myself,so thanks to myself!!! XD

Hope you'll like it!!! Thanks for downloading and reading this, Theor89
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Version Released Downloads
1.0 1:05pm, 14th January 2011 1164

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