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Overhaul Mod

File Details
AuthorOverhaul Team
Size12.45 MB ( 13059361 bytes )
Added2:15am, 24th February 2011
Description [hide]
This mod is a collection of tweaks/fixes/addons to mod various aspects of Shift. Car handling is somewhat easier around the centre for straight line driving, and harder at the edges, compared to default game and community patch.

Feature overview:

1) Many, many, many bugs have been fixed - every bugfix from Unofficial Community Patch 1.05 and several more. It turns out, Shift is actually a much better game once you get rid of a bunch of low level data bugs! :)

2) Practically every physics component of the game has been altered with the aim of improving basic data accuracy and in-game consistency between cars. Suspensions, engines and aerodynamics have been altered to reflect per-car and per-upgrade level changes more accurately than in the stock game. There are also many changes to default car setups and controller profiles to give better feedback and response to control input, particularly for wheel users.

3) An extremely large number of visual, audio, and gameplay tweaks have been provided by members of the Shift community, either removing outright or giving you the option to remove several other annoyances from the stock game.

Important info:

- PLEASE read the installation guide at [url][/url] for detailed instructions on preparing Shift for Overhaul and properly installing the mod.

- SERIOUSLY there are a few steps you MUST perform to get the mod working right :)

- Overhaul 2 is for unpacked Shift only.

- This mod is created from the teamwork of the Shift modding community and is a team effort!

- You can customise your installation to enable or disable several features (again, read the readme).

- This mod is aimed at wheel users using "Pro" physics mode, though several aspects of the mod should also make life easier for gamepad, mouse and keyboard users.


matt2380, djotefsoup, JDougNY.

This mod would not have been possible without:

Acrobatracer, Anach, Andrew84555, Axelhulet, Beep, Billycreek, Bleco, Bongomaster, Brainbug, Caymus, Creatorex, CrowTRobot, Darkcyde, DeeMoNay, Ermo, Ferrarinews, F0xx, Goffik, HeadSoup, Japamd, Juls, Kazumi, KSP1, MacGear, Makelman, Martinsalat, NikSounds, Ogre2010, Outlaw22, Pez2k, RandomShift, rdk10, Redi, Resurekcyon, Sensekhmet, Shinsou, Tobias Kluge, Tone71, vectorslide, zizhushang, zkarz, Zpectre

...and everyone who helped create and test the mod :)
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Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
Please see the full readme included with the mod and installation guide linked above. We did so much stuff it doesn't fit in the text box they give you for a mod here :)


Car handling & FFB:
- fixed brake bias bug
- adjusted tyre grip
- adjusted centre of gravity of cars
- removed wheel input lag
- adds adjustable damper/friction to wheel
- "cleaner" forcefeedback
- new controller profiles
- minimised gear change delay for H Shift controllers
- disabled grip reduction on Karrussel (banked corner at Nordschleife)
- "Mod Drift fix handling" by Acrobatracer
- aerodynamics & bodykits overhaul by djotefsoup
- track and collision physics adjustments by zizhushang
- RandomShift's overhaul of McLaren F1
- complete per-car engine, acceleration, suspension, statistics/ratings and setup overhauls by JDougNY
- brake cooling and brake upgrade changes by Ermo
- all bug fixes (and more) from Unofficial Community Patch 1.05

- choose from:
1) "Remove arms and match in-game wheel rotation with your wheel"
2) "Remove arms & remove wheel"
3) "Keep arms and keep default rotation"

all available in both H Shift/Clutch and Paddle/Sequential/Button shifter friendly versions

- removed visual wheel shake
- removed speed field of view (FOV) camera effect
- removed speedshake camera effect
- reduced speed blur
- reduced blur when crashing
- removed greyscale when crashing
- removed low-res dirt "splotches" during race
- removed onscreen start lights
- added "Tuned Tire Smoke" mod by RDK10
- optional "Real Smoke" mod by billycreek
- added "Clean Tires minimod" by DeeMoNay
- replaced loading screen
- disabled intro movies
- CrowTRobot's working in-dash lap timers
- polished marble garage floor texture (see pic below)
- "Tv Cameras Replay - Now Perfect" mod by ferrarinews and Tone71
- optional collision stutter bug fix
- optional alternative cockpit cam by Vectorslide
- optional TinyHUD elements by RDK10

- reduced volume of tyre squeal
- removed replay music
- viper soundfix by Zpectre
- added Team Racing DLC car sounds to unpacked games
- reduced road car transmission whines and changed other sound settings (turbo/splutters/gear changes) by car type

- cleaner, less aggressive, less likely to ram into your side
- corrected grid positions in quick race (faster cars at front, but player still at rear)
- two optional AI systems for greater control of AI personality and difficulty levels:
optional alternative AI by Zizhushang (more human)
optional alternative AI by djotefsoup (closer difficulty levels)

- all tuning options available on all purchased cars
- enabled reverse driving to double available tracks
- unlocked reward, loaner and bonus cars
- fine-tuned car damage by zizhushang
- bonus cars eligible for works-vs-supercar events
- reworked car ratings by JDougNY
- added upgrade options for Ferrari and stock game bonus cars
- individual bodykit upgrade effect levels for every car
- greater control of rake ranges/settings

Version release notes:

2.00 release

Integrated RDK10's tune tyre smokes mod 1.0 (thanks rdk10).

Added Zpectre's Dodge Viper engine sound fix (thanks Zpectre).

Changed Ferrari California tyres (thanks JDougNY).

Increased Ferrari 599 drivetrain torque capability (thanks JDougNY).

Revised F50GT, Apollo, Reventon, LFA, Zonda F, Scuderia Spider, Carrera GT, Challenger SRT8, 370z engines (thanks JDougNY).

Revised F430 Spider, Scuderia, Scuderia Spider, LFA, Carrera GT suspensions (thanks JDougNY).

Revised almost all remaining gear ratios (thanks JDougNY).

Revised almost all remaining default car tuning settings (thanks JDougNY).

Decreased M3 E36 upshift time (thanks JDougNY).

Restored missing brake upgrade heating rate changes (thanks ermo).

Restored missing suspension upgrade changes.

Restored all original steer lock settings and ranges to all cars in "Remove wheel & remove arms" and "Keep default rotation & keep arms" control options.

Changed folder names to (hopefully) make it somewhat easier to manage using Overhaul :)


Last 1% always takes the most time release.

Fixed Ferrari road car downforce, gear ratio, and turbo presence bugs (thanks JDougNY).

Fixed incorrect Camaro engine assignment (thanks JDougNY).

Fixed incorrect Infiniti G35 suspension assignment (thanks JDougNY).

Fixed Lamborghini, Challenger, Mustang suspensions (thanks JDougNY).

Fixed Porsche 997GT2 rev limiter sound bug, rebuilt stock tune, tyres and aerodynamics settings.

Recalculated "Bodyfore=" strengths.

Reduced tyre grip for several cars with large VDF tyre size changes (muscle cars, lotus, corolla).

Increased default preload for muscle cars.

Reduced strength of previous grip additions for several tyre-out-of-tier cars (reventon, lexus lfa, mclaren f1).

Rebuilt default tunes for almost every car in the game (thanks JDougNY).

Reduced step height of ride height settings from 5 to 1 and increased maximum possible ride heights by 10 (allows much better rake management at high upgrade levels and allows max spring/max bump stop/max rebound/max ride height to avoid bottoming out on many high speed / high elevation change tracks).

Fixed incorrect correction to MC12 ride heights.

Added "Clean Tyres Minimod" (thanks DeeMoNay)

Fixed missing wheel rotation options from 2.00beta.

Many more adjustments to starting downforce values, loss values, and fixed inconsistent ranges on bodykits.

Removed Renault Megane from semiauto gearbox list, car in game does not use one.


Extremely long / hard additions release. Please make sure to drop by and thank JDougNY, Ermo, resureksiyon, KSP1, Bongomaster and everyone else who helped with this release :)

Created one suspension file per car (JDougNY). All cars now have suspension component weights set to custom levels based on car class, drive type, special manufacturing details (eg. all aluminium), cars which were using generic files when a specific car type file was available have been switched to a car specific file. Major changes: AWD cars, FWD cars, old and modern muscle cars, but almost all cars are adjusted individually.

Created one engine file per car (JDougNY) designed to meet specific time to speed levels. Car engine power bands have been shifted upwards for race tuning. Final time-to-speed figures not yet set, needs to be readjusted to new aero settings.

Updated car statistics to match 2.00 prebeta car performance (JDougNY). These should still be very close to 2.00 beta.

Slightly increased brake cooling rates for cars with very low brake cooling and slightly reworked brake cooling levels with upgrades (thanks Ermo).

Moved Cobalt SS brake bias further forward (thanks Ermo).

Changed Pagani Zonda F tyres to correct "Supercar" tyres (thanks resureksiyon). Was using Lotus Elise tyres. My bad! :)

All caster angles set to (much!) higher levels (thanks KSP1). Let me know if they're too high for your favorite car :)

Reworked all sound mix levels for turbo, engine splutter, transmission and gear changes at stock and upgrade stages, set by general car type. Transmission levels lower than stock game, higher than in 1.45. Turbo levels higher than stock game, lower than 1.45. Engine splutter volumes for some cars increased. Gear change volumes for some cars increased. Thanks Bongomaster for the suggestion.

Created one bodykit upgrade path per car (this includes cars with no bodykit upgrades purchasable). Every car now receives slightly different downforce parameters based on the presence of certain aerodynamic features on its 3d model. Cars with no diffuser at any upgrade stage never have their diffuser activated in physics, to give one example. Changed figures for loss-of-downforce differences between front and rear, and rear wing drag, based on features such as canards and length/extent of diffuser, to give another example. Reset many front/rear wing ranges and default settings.

Set all vehicle definition file tyre dimension parameters to use tyre dimensions of the stock tyre model fitted to the car.

Changed some more tyre grip strengths to account for cross-tier tyre usage (Mitsibishi Evo's, Supra, others).

All suspension spring/damper strengths have been slightly increased on cars with soft (minimum) default suspension settings.

Fixed stock Shift bug to do with suspension upgrade paths which prevented cars from upgrading dampers (only springs were being upgraded due to a typo).

Slightly increased FFB strength parameters for certain cars (lamborghini etc).

Fixed reversed MC12 ride height setting.

Removed engine, turbo, drivetrain upgrades from bonus cars and Ferrari road car upgrade catalogues, and their vehicle definition files. Hopefully this goes some way to addressing the "Ferraris everywhere" issue.

Changed about 2 dozen more cars to use semiautomatic gearboxes based on their 3d models. Any car with a sequential gear stick or paddles is best controlled by shifting directly into gear. Note that some cars (eg. MP4/12C) in Shift are the paddle/semiauto version of the car, not the manual. Check the car cockpit or the driver's actions in an external camera if in doubt about what kind of gearbox the car you're driving uses.

Created separate installation options for users with an H Shift/Clutch pedal controller, and users with a Paddle/Sequential shifter controller. Paddle/Sequential option restores original clutch/shift delays from original game. H Shift option leaves any car that did NOT change to a semiautomatic gearbox functioning as it did in Shift (minimised delays).

Set Overhaul AI option to use ZZSMod AI brake glow values.

Created backup of tinyhud elements to enable replacement with large huds if you don't like the tiny ones for some silly reason.

Integrated DLC Overhaul into base release package.

Moved many "restore ... " options to "option 6 - backups and defaults".


Quick fix / easy additions release.

Hopefully killed off the last of the incorrect vehicle index errors! Mercedes SLR 722 and Stirling Moss, Lamborghini Reventon, Dodge Coke Zero Viper, Lotus Exige, Mazda RX7, Mitsubishi Evo IX and X, Ferrari SS16M and Porsche Cayman S should now definitely be using the correct bodykit and tyre upgrade paths.

Moved dinput8.dll from base installation package to Optional Extras\Option6 Alternate Input DLL.

Added rdk10's Tuned Tyre Smokes mod 0.93 to base package. The Overhaul 1.3 style smoke (Real Smoke mod by billycreek) is available under "Option7 - Alternate Tyre Smoke" is available should you wish to use it or switch between the two. The enhanced drift smoke effects from Real Smoke Mod are still included in the base package.


* Many thanks to Matt2380 for maintaining the mod for so long! Please address all issues in the mod to djotefsoup @ nogrip or boxox @ racedepartment & gtplanet.

* Fixed several cases of cars not using the correct (or any existent) bodykit upgrade path

* Fixed ford mustang/ford falken mustang upgrade catalogue bug

* Corrected wing angle drag reduction not applying for tier 4 cars

* Changed loss-of-downforce-from-sideways-motion ratios between front and rear per bodykit

* Created individual tyre files for each car and set default upgrade levels for cars which were using the same tyres for cars in different tiers. The affected cars so far are the SLR 722 and Moss, Reventon, Coke Zero Viper, Exige, RX7. Cars now use a (simple) SpeedEffects system to reduce high speed grip. System will be somewhat easier to improve, now that individual car weights and tyre sizes can be used rather than worrying about multiple cars across different tiers

* Added CrowTRobot's in-car dashboard lap timers for all cars that support the function. No need to use the HUD lap timer anymore if the car's dashboard has its own lap timer

* Added rdk10's TinyHUD elements package in Optional Components. This reduces the size of all HUD components (gear, speed, lap counter, etc) and makes the full HUD style much less obtrusive. Please report any bugs, not all cars and display aspect ratios are tested yet

* Made all applicable bonus cars Tier 4 rather than Tier 5 to allow them to enter works-vs-supercars races

* Reduced all transmission whine volumes and increased all turbo spinup/blowoff noises. Please report any bugs, not all cars and upgrade levels are tested yet

* Increased final gear ratio levels for transmission upgrades (should be no more works cars that hit the rev limiter too soon at maximum final gear ratio setting)

* Separated Ferrari F430 Scuderia physics from SS16M

* Corrected bug in Tier 2 car bodykit upgrade levels

* Fixed several bugs to do with front wing and diffuser height levels, car front/mid height should still have a noticeable impact but no longer result in certain cars lifting off too much at the front

* Changed location of Audi R8, R8LMS, and Porsche Carerra GT front wing for physics calculation purposes, default location was too high to ever be altered by front wing height (was always at maximum height possible)

* Removed previous addition of brake duct and radiator lift (drag additions remain) per-aperture-setting from several cars which did not possess this property in stock Shift

* Restored original Shift shift-delays for cars with semiautomatic gearboxes. For the moment this is just the Audi R8 LMS, Audi TT, Mercedes Benz SL65, Mitsubishi Evo X, Renault Megane

* Several other misc tidying and typo fixing chores...


v1.3 > 1.44 = primordial ooze mod of pseudo working and experimental things being done. Some stuff happened here and everything that didn't work is never spoken of again :)

- choose from "Full Install" or "Update from v1.2 to v1.3"
- updated splash screen with "v1.3"
- unlocked reward, loaner and bonus cars to allow tuning and painting
- with a new save profile they become become available for purchase
- warning, make backup of your save game:
- if you've already won them they will go straight to your "My Cars garage"
- if your garage is full they will overwrite the last cars you've bought
- they can be sold to make space, revealing your old cars

- adjusted each driving view camera
- added several components of ZZS_MOD v1.45 by Zizhushang
- track physics adjustments (less bumps - especially off road)
- fixed some minor engine data bugs (including DLC cars)
- fine-tuned car damage
- added djotefsoup's overhaul of car aerodynamics (including DLC cars)
- added RandomShift's overhaul of McLaren F1
- more AI adjustments
- added wheel rotation options for Dodge Viper Cokezero (accidently missed it previously)
- added optional collision stutter bug fix
- added optional alternative AI by Zizhushang
- added optional alternative cockpit cam by Vectorslide

- simplified installation procedure
- added "Remove wheel & remove arms" version (keeps functional steering lock slider)
- added "Keep default rotation & keep arms" version (keeps functional steering lock slider)
- ffb modification ("cleaner" and makes it easier to manage throttle ie, McLaren F1)
- more adjustments to AI (less likely to ram into your side... but still not perfect)
- corrected grid positions in quick race (faster cars at front, but player still at rear)
- updated for DLC fix (previously missed 3 of the F430's and also added ffb modification)
- replaced "spaceship" garage floor texture with polished marble (supposed to be in v1.1)
- added latest "Tv Cameras Replay - Now Perfect" mod by ferrarinews
- also removed speedshake and speed FOV (field of view) camera effect at AmbushCanyon and Spa

- Added AI overhaul (cleaner, less aggressive and grip adjusted to suit player grip in Overhaul mod)
- Added "Real Smoke" mod by billycreek
- Added "Mod Drift fix handling" by Acrobatracer
- Added "TV camera replays" by ferrarinews and Tone71
- Added optional DLC car fix
- Removed speed FOV (field of view) camera effect
- Removed speedshake from camera views
- Replaced loading screen
- Fixed error in physicstweaker.xml file - I forgot to lower grip like I planned (oops)
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 2:15am, 24th February 2011 9306
1.31 9:26pm, 12th September 2010 4762
1.3 12:50pm, 12th September 2010 176
1.2 10:58am, 27th July 2010 1656
1.1 11:16am, 4th July 2010 653
1.01 12:44pm, 22nd June 2010 381
1.0 1:07pm, 19th June 2010 139
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