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Stardust International Raceway

File Details
AuthorBDibble342 (See all uploads by BDibble342)
Size75.9 MB ( 79591577 bytes )
Added10:09pm, 5th August 2011
Description [hide]
Stardust hosted several of the early Can-Am and Trans-Am races in the early 1960's
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Stardust International Raceway is an original track created in Bob's Track Builder. Stardust hosted several of the early Can-Am and Trans-Am races in the early 1960's

Version: 1.0
Date: Aug 5, 2011

Track modeling by BDibble342
Cam file by Xank
AIW file by:

Testing: Steve (Toonces) Smith, Kurt (von Kliest) Dibble, Greg (Greg7) Davis, et alia.

We wish to thank Brendon Pywell for his wonderful Bobís Track Builder, without which we could not even dream of building tracks, and the following individuals for publishing BTB Xpacks containing textures and objects used in constructing this track: EnnisFargis, Jay_P-666, WierdBeard, Chub Pearson, R Soul, carToon, zaxxon, austinman55, kytt,and Big Carva.

Installation: unzip to the "\GameData\Locations" subdirectory

Track History by Steve Smith:

Stardust could have been a major American road-racing circuit...if it had lasted long enough. It only lasted a couple of years in the mid-1960s, during the first of three infatuations with auto racing that have gripped the other "City That Never Sleeps" (Las Vegas); the later two being Formula 1 in the 1980s (a dreadful parking lot circuit) and IndyCar racing in the 1990s (a 1.5-mile tri-oval still used for stockcar racing).

Stardust was fast; mostly flat-out for even the hairiest sports cars. On November 10, 1968, after tangling with Lothar Motschenbacker's McLaren M6B, Jim Hall had a huge shunt in his Chaparral 2E, made worse by the fact that he was going over 160 mph at the time. The lap record stood at 1:29.6, set by Bruce McLaren in his McLaren M8A in that race, pretty fast for a 3-mile race circuit with 13-turns.

I only saw one race there, the year before (1967), when John Surtees won in his ubiquitous Lola T70. Mk III. Stardust Raceway was in the middle of nowhere, several miles from the Strip, surrounded by thousands of acres of vacant desert, scrub brush and undernourished cactus. After the racing stopped, the Pardee family bought the land. As Emil Pardee had been a guiding light in SoCal racing in the 1950s, it was hoped the track might be saved. But, like Bridgehampton, bought by an alleged "car guy," the hidden agenda was real estate development. Now, if you can locate the site of the former race track on Google Earth, you'll see it's covered with thousands of acres of tract housing, most of it unoccupied and much of it in forclosure.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:09pm, 5th August 2011 603

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