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Size94.71 MB ( 99307132 bytes )
Added9:58pm, 4th December 2011
Description [hide]
v 1.01 includes adjusted AIW for snow/ice layouts, which slightly improve AI laptimes.
Now the AI is really competitive, I recently had 5 laps side-by-side battle with AI, and the AI laptimes were .02 seconds slower than me even with AI strength 98%.
You have to really feel the track to compete with AI now :)

only snow/ice AIW updates for this version yet. Maybe will do some dirt AIW updates too.

Scratch-made track for rFactor
The fictional circuit, which represents the real location, between two villages - "Ovragi" and "Varshko", located in the northern suburbs of St. Petersburg, in the Priozersk region.
The location was made using Google data, photos and real-life experience :)

4 layouts
2 seasons (July and February)
Dirt and Ice racing
Custom skybox for each layout
Animated birds
Light flare shaders by Siim Annuk
Static vehicles by Tolmachevo team

There aren't plenty of cars to run on the ice circuit, but RXv2, Peugeot 207 S2000, WRC Subaru run there very well.

Max vehicles: 24

When exiting the pits, follow the pit exit instructions on LCD screen located at the garage exit.

Still considering about 2nd package, and if it's done, it will include tarmac versions.
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Readme [hide]
The fictional circuit, which represents the real location, between two villages - "Ovragi" and "Varshko", located in the northern suburbs of St. Petersburg, in the Priozersk region.
The track uses light flare shaders by Siim Annuk, custom dust/skid textures, each layout has its own skybox.

Just extract into your rFactor folder.

Known bugs:
Due very northern latitude position, sometimes the transitions between sky textures, and between lighting aren't perfect. Sorry for that, but I wanted to keep the lighting close to the real as much as possible.
Also the AIW could be better at the ice layouts, so if you can improve it, drop me a line about it, and I'll gladly include it to the patch.

Scratch-made models by KittX. In this track I've used textures from my camera,; some tree and sky textures were bought on Turbosquid. So if you're using some of them, a short "thankyou" in the readme would be appreciated.
Light flare shaders: Siim Annuk
Pits equipment: ISI
Corner workers: Gilles Benoit and Norm Hart.
Static vehicles by Tolmachevo team

Terms of use:
No unauthorised converting, repacking or modifying is allowed.
But i am kind person :). Any enthusiastic suggestions, corrections and efforts to make it better are always welcome. Just drop me a line abou what you're doing with it, and I'll gladly help you with your efforts.
The same about converting: if you want to convert it to other platforms, contact me and I'll handle you all you need. But I am looking for experienced track makers/converters, to make all the features (multi channel texturing, animations, fps optimisation) remain on the converted track.

Have fun!
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.01 9:58pm, 4th December 2011 895
1.00 1:22am, 2nd March 2011 1246

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