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Alpine A110 1100 for GTL-GTR2

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Size24.38 MB ( 25561125 bytes )
Added8:28pm, 23rd December 2011
Description [hide]
The Brickyard Legends Team proudly present:
Alpine A110 1100cc version 0.1 for GTL-GTR2 by SCCA1981

The Story.
1954 Jean Redele won Coupe des Alpes with his tuned Renault 4CV car
and to celebrate that victory, he decided to name his new car company
as Societe des Automobiles Alpine. As first model, they released
A106 Mille Milles, which was Sensation in 1955 Paris Car exhibition.

in 1960, followed another 4CV based on model, also drawn by Michellotti,
called Berlinette Tour de France, which later on was known as A108.

The real breakthrough came with A110, shown in 1962. This car, unlike it's
predecessors, shared mechanical components with brand new Renault 8 and
it's racing variation called "Gordini". Renault 8 Gordini was renault's
best to beat Mini Coopers now storming in rallies and tracks around the
europe. Redele took the proven A108 platform with strong tubular central
backbone chassis and light fiberglass body and changed the aging 4CV
drivetrain to brand new 8 Gordini racing parts, while Michellotti draw
the rear end again with the familiar face. The result was stunginly
looking and very fast car with yet smallish fuel consumption. The most
limiting factor was the brakes; the original Gordini's discs were not
up to task stopping the car from over 200km/h speeds which the car was
capable. Early racers commented about brakes being overheated easily.

Things were however on change, as the old classification limits
(where 1150cc was one of them) were changed and 8 Gordini soon was
updated to oversized 1150cc block. This gave nicely some overboring
space to under the new 1300cc limit. It is however another story of
Alpine A110 1300S. :)

This particular in game car is equipped with:
- factory racing 1100cc block (bored to under 1150cc class limit)
- Homologated 4-speed Gordini racing gearbox.
- Minimal racing weight: 550kg + 80kg driver.
- wide selection period correct final gears.
- Tyres are Historic racing Dunlop CR65. (same as 1968 Cooper 1275 S)
...all made as authentic as possible.
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Readme [hide]
Installation instructions:
- Once unpacked drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 folder, remember you must have the GTL-GTR2 MOD also installed.

Brought to you by The Brickyard Legends Team:
- Papag21 / gr5mt : modifications compared to original GTL alpine model, skins, driver suits+helmets, icons, biks
- Nappe1 / protobuilders: physics. (with great info help of Roger)
- Whoops / Conversion and skin.

- Roger@NoGrip for information
- All enthuastic racers in F1 Venue Championship 2010
- everyone at and
- Butch and rest of the REAL old skool racing game modders. ;)
- tomdoyle1948 using his program to produce showroom graphs

Short specifications:
- Complete Standalone GTC-65/TC-65 class car.
- Complete new, Authentic physics: based on 1964 spec 1100cc
Renault 8 Gordini R1134 (~110bhp / 115Nm) and
Homologated 4 speed gearbox.

Possible further enchancements:
- None planned, but sister models in development.

Version History:
- 0.1: 22nd December 2011; First release version.

Team Comments:
- Nappe1:
This car is visible in TC-65 and in GTC-65 classes and is linked to
Lotus Elite. It is on a slow side in GTC65, but it will be
competitive against already released Lotus Elite S2 as well as
the Mini Marcos Mk I (970cc variation) and faster version of TVR Grantura.
Also, hopefully soon to be released, Sebring versions of
Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I, Mk II and MG Midget will make a good pack for these.

Note - some of the above is GTL specific.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
0.2 8:28pm, 23rd December 2011 864
0.1 11:28am, 22nd December 2011 194

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