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75 Silverstone

File Details
Authormotorfx (See all uploads by motorfx)
Size20.74 MB ( 21752103 bytes )
Added3:02pm, 1st January 2012
Description [hide]
This is Silverstone to represent the track around the time of the 75 F1 Grand prix, I used the 79 track as the base, but to turn the clock back a little, I made some changes, there are no whitelines at track edge, again no bridge on hanger but remodelled that section to something like it would have looked..and redone the chicane so it may be easy to take! To enhance the look, I have changed a few buildings, stands, and especially the main garages in the the pits, (these probably should be in 79 version aswell.) At present only made room for 30 cars, .. 3 garages per team so doors will open for each team index used.. plus added some of my little pit extras and quite few other things .. some banners are from the time, start/pit lights, rain reflections and Animated marshals included...
Track will be listed under "Classic" in the track selection page
have fun and Happy New Year to you all. Ken
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Readme [hide]
Ideally would like to add more. I had a few rare pics and the odd video capture to work from.. The catch fencing is provided for show only except for and because the use of the chicane is the only path, again I have included the fencing with directional marks on them, but staggered them so there is a slow path through, and they have the collison set to true, so you will wreck you car hitting them.. probably only applies for those that like to race online. During practice there is hardly any crowds, but come the race sessions a lot more spectators will turn up.. There are front and back doors to the garages, and both will open when a car occupies it's gargage. I was'nt sure whether I have done enough with this to warrant another Silverstone release. but thought I would offer you the chance to try this out?

Happy New Year and good cheers to you all., Ken
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 3:02pm, 1st January 2012 658

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