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Downloads » Race 07 / GTR Evo / Race On » Car Skins: WTCC

BMW Zengo Motorsport - Monza 2012

File Details
AuthorUnbaised (See all uploads by Unbaised)
Size7.31 MB ( 7661969 bytes )
Added2:33pm, 18th March 2012
Description [hide]
Hi fans!
There is Zengo Motorsport skins!
#5 Norbert Michelisz
#27 Gábor Wéber
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Readme [hide]
Zengo Motorsport #Monza 2012# car skins, for Race/Race07/RaceOn/STCC2!

***1.3 update***
- STCC2-es kocsi apró módosításokon esett át, foleg az elso lökhárítón.
- Elkészítettem az autókat régebbi Race verziókba(Race/Race07/RaceOn).
Bemásolás helye: Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins

- STCC2 kiegészítoben hozzáadva a kért fekete felni, ennek viszont van egy kis hátulütoje, hiszen ha ezt berakod, akkor az összes 6 sebességes BMW is fekete felnivel lesz elérheto!
Így lehetett megoldani, hogy online is lehessen használni fekete felnivel.
Bemásolás helye: "Steam\steamapps\*steam account neved*\race 07"

- The STCC2 car has a few minor changes on the front bumber
- Older versions of race is drivable now (Race/Race07/RaceON)
You have to copy the files to: Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins

- in STCC2 i've added the much requested black wheels, but it has a few drawbacks. After you copy these files all the 6 speed BMW's will have black wheel as well, but this was the only solution to make the black wheels show online as well.
You have to copy the files to: "Steam\steamapps\*your steam account name*\race 07"

Author : Unbaised
Email :
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.3 2:33pm, 18th March 2012 740
1.2 5:39pm, 13th March 2012 231
1.1 5:57pm, 12th March 2012 7

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