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Casalmartino Hillclimb

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Size80.86 MB ( 84788724 bytes )
Added3:43pm, 16th June 2012
Description [hide]
Casalmartino Hillclimb track conversion for Race 07 series

IMPORTANT NOTE: works with online install via Steam platform, because the proper hillclimb mode is supported only by some of the latest versions of Race 07 program, so the game needs to be patched via Steam to last version available.

Anyway, if someone absolutely needs that, I may try to explain how this track could work for older offline Race 07 installs, at least I hope so. (EDIT: see at post #37).
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Tatino proudly present the Race 07 conversion of CASALMARTINO HILLCLIMB.
This track was originally released in December 2011 for GTR2 by Sonar25 (one of the most talented track makers here around), who created it from scratch. He has kindly given the permission to convert the track for Race 07 series and for a public release. No changes were done by me to his great work, except for the ones necessary to the conversion process. Taking in account that there are not so many proper hillclimb tracks for Race 07, and also that this one combines high-level track layout with top-class textures and a touch of artistry, everyone can easily conclude that it should be considered a "must have" one, no matter if you are interested in hillclimb or not. So setup your preferred car and prepare to drive; don't forget to take some pictures of the beautiful italian landscape, or to have a coffee break in the small village on the hill.


Put into your GameData\Locations folder, as usual.


Many thanks to Sonar25 who released this masterpiece.

WHAT'S NEW in the Race 07 conversion:

- Maximum number of cars increased from 10 to 24;
- Reworked AI paths, in order to be more suited for Race 07 cars physics (still not perfect);
- Reworked original cams to suit Race 07, added some new cams too;
- New .gdb file, suited for Race 07 standards;
- New loading screen made from scratch by me, more similar to Race 07 series ones;
- Other minor changes and improvements, or some modifications that surely you are not interested to know.


The track conversion was tested by me (driving with keyboard) mainly with WTCC cars; seems to work without noticeable vices in Time Attack mode, Free Practice mode and single race event against AI; no idea if and how it may work for online races.
If you notice something wrong or missing in the conversion process please make me know: I'll try to solve as soon as possible, if I'm able to.


No one in the original track for GTR2, as far as I know. In Race 07 version, during a single race against AI, sometimes one (or more) of the AI cars starts the race but take a wrong pathline instead of the one defined in the .AIW file, then has a crash and don't finish the race. Based on my personal experience, this often happens also with other tracks in hillclimb mode, so maybe it's a Simbin bug? Probably, but I can't say more, and most important, no idea if and how it could be solved. Anyway, it does not affect your race, nor the other AI cars.

Regards, Tatino

June 2012
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Version Released Downloads
1.0 12:34pm, 16th June 2012 3950

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