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Citroen DS23

File Details
Size2.95 MB ( 3091084 bytes )
Added10:30am, 28th April 2007
Description [hide]
Realistic works version of the car as driven in the Rallye du Tap
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Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
This version is loosley based on a Rallye du Tap DS23.

My thanks go to Lem for allowing us to convert this car to RT, to YorT for
entrusting with the conversion all those moons ago and for doing the physics.
Finally my thanks to Richards for the sounds. The only modifications
I have made to Lems' model are a new dash and new textures.

This car is compatible with the 2007 TireTeam tires.

You need the BZFManager to install this car.
Double click on the RTP file
Click on “Yes” when prompted and the BZFManager will install the car.
The Citroen DS23 replaces the Standard Volvo (slot 5).

Please do not re-distribute, modify or use the 3D model and textures of this car
without my consent

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.00 10:30am, 28th April 2007 1592
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7 members have left thanks.

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