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M3Hi-Plr File Editor

File Details
Size250 kB ( 256364 bytes )
Added6:44pm, 4th May 2007
Description [hide]
M3Hi-PFE (Plr File Editor) is a windows based tool for editing the Player settings files in GTR2, GTL, and rFactor. PFE organizes all the settings so they are in a manageable and easy to use format.

PFE also includes a ForceFeedBack librarian which allows you to swap in a new set up with a click. You can also swap FFB Settings between GTL, GTR2 and rFactor. Once you find the perfect setup, use it everywhere!

PFE Lets You Do Things Like:
* Maximize you Framerate
* Tweak all the FFB Settings
* Adjust the hidden sound settings
* Swap your Force Feedback Settings between games
* Swap Force Feedback Settings with your friends
* Adjust the AI fuel usage, or corner grip
* Change your Key / Controller bindings
* Or change one of the hundreds of other settings

update notes
This was a very minor update
Ver 1.10.4: May 4, 2007
1) Several keys in graphics had the wrong ranges.
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Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
//-] M3 Heavy industries' Plr File Editor Read me [-\\

M3-PFE is Copyright 2006-2007 M3 Heavy Industries.

For the latest version, go to

//-=] Installation
Unrar the files to their own directory. The program will make a settings
file in the same dir as the .exe file. Thatís it. Nothing to the registry, no
extra files. When you are done, just delete it. Nothing else to remove and no
registry cleanup. Please use the librarian to save your style, export it, and
upload it to There is a menu item in the ffb librarian that will
take you to the upload page. The library really needs users to contribute to
become useful, please help.

//-=] Usage
Use is pretty simple. Hit file open and load up your plr file
(in GAMEDIR/Userdata/Yourname) and go at it. I recommend making a backup before
you start the first time, but PFE will now backup your plr file (and your rFactor
.ini's) each time you save. The current file will be saved as FILENAME.PLR.0.
The next time you save, the current file is saved as .0 and .0 is renamed to .1.
The default value is 10 backups, but the number is configurable in the options
dialog box. The program also backs up when you change FFB styles. So change
anything you want, you can always go back to the old version.

//-=] License
You are licensed to use this program, and to share it with your friends, as long
as the archive is maintained intact. You may not disassemble, decompile, reverse
engineer, or otherwise deconstruct this program.

//-=] Registration
This demo version is completely functional, everything is 100% usable. If you find
this useful, send me 10$ via paypal. That gets you lifetime upgrades, free support
and fast track beta on this and other game tools as they are developed. It also means
I can keep devoting time to tools like this. Feel free to pass this file around to
anyone who can use it, just make sure to keep all the files in the archive.

//-=] Disclaimer
by using this program, you agree whatever happens is your fault. you also agree
not to sue or hold responsible anyone related to this software.

//-=] Support
M3H offers support via our forums @ We also have sim
racing forums for GTL, GTR2, and rFactor. Please support our comunity.

//-=] Archive Contents:
This program must be distributed with these 4 files in their original state:
M3HiPfe.exe - The M3 Heavy Industries' Plr File Editor
GPEDefault.gpd - The default FFb Lib, renamed on first run if needed.
Read_Me.txt - The file you are reading
version_info.txt - Version notes.
The current version will always be available at

//-=] Contact
that's it. if you have any questions or comments, email me

see ya on the track,
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.104 6:44pm, 4th May 2007 5739
1.103 1:34am, 30th April 2007 338
1.102 2:20am, 21st April 2007 413
1.101 6:03pm, 12th April 2007 444
1.100 1:29am, 12th April 2007 309
1.007 2:17pm, 27th March 2007 631
1.006 9:03pm, 1st March 2007 778
1.005 1:09am, 14th February 2007 404
1.004 3:33am, 22nd January 2007 428
1.003 2:33am, 20th January 2007 296
1.002 9:36pm, 12th January 2007 343
1.001 3:31am, 12th January 2007 328
1.00 11:16pm, 10th January 2007 709
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