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Spa 60s

File Details
Size34.73 MB ( 36413504 bytes )
Added6:17pm, 10th November 2012
Description [hide]
This has been on my drive for a long long time, Spa 60s
converted from GPL for the CSGT mod but never used.
I have updated everything textures,logos,trucks,buses,speccys,trees etc
It is not of RF/2 standard but the best to date.
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Spa 60s

This has been on my hard drive for a very long time, originally a GPL track and converted to Rfactor.Not quite upto the new RF/2 version
but much better than was available before.This was created for the CSGT mod but was never released.

I have replaced :

all of the grass
with higher rez versions, multi texturing where required

trackside buildings have been removed, replaced or retextured
all logos have been changed for correct period logos
new TSO's have been added around circuit cars, vans, trucks, trains, speccys, buses etc
forests have been moved and altered to create a more believable terrain.

lighting and sky replaced, with more suitable versions.
AIW has been tweeked for a better race.
Circuit inner areas have been filled in, many thanks to Motorfx.
telegraph poles thanks to Motorfx
Skybox thanks to Krunch
First load of the track will be slow due to the large HAT file after this it will be quicker.
And much more that i cant remember.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 6:17pm, 10th November 2012 1436

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