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Downloads » GTR2 » Power and Glory Mod

Willment Cobra Coupe for P&G v3

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Authorthe brace
Size4.25 MB ( 4460270 bytes )
Added10:37am, 17th November 2012
Description [hide]
The Willment Cobra Coupe was built in 1964 after Shelby had declined to supply the Willment Racing team with a coupe. It proved to be the most successful Cobra Coupe in terms of race wins, although this was probably due to its being eligible for more classes than the Shelby coupes, and its much longer race career.

I have presented it here in the form in which Frank Gardner took it to 10th overall in the 1965 Tourist Trophy at Oulton Park. It incorporates the original rear screen - internet pics of this car show the smaller and less aerodynamic vertical screen behind the driver's head. This was not fitted until the 1970s.

For those who prefer a 'right-hooker', it is of course right-hand drive. I have had to make a few compromises with this car, but I hope it doesn't affect your enjoyment too much.
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Readme [hide]
John Willment Racing Team Willment Cobra Coupe - compatible with P&G ver3.

Simply place {65023} folder in {...\GameData\Teams\Power&Glory\GT Over 2 Liter\Shelby Daytona Coupe} folder, and you are good to go.

the brace
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:37am, 17th November 2012 464

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