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AuthorR Soul
Size35.91 MB ( 37649922 bytes )
Added12:32pm, 19th December 2012
Description [hide]
Pinevale, in the north-west of England, is a disused WW2 airfield. In 1972 local landowner Rupert Sarringham commissioned the conversion of the derelict site into a race track, having been impressed by a recent visit to Silverstone.

Pinevale covers a smaller area than Silverstone, so the track was made with national and club racing in mind. In the mid 1980s the track fell out of use, but was reopened in 1996 after resurfacing and rebuilding to get the track back up to standard.

[This is a semi-fantasy track based on the layout of the perimeter road of a local airfield. It hasn't really been made into a track, but if it had been...]

I am a little biased, but I've enjoyed racing on this track while testing. In powerful and/or low-grip cars, a driver might run wide in the sweeping penultimate turn, which could set up a good battle down the start/finish straight.

Most textures:
Some secondary textures, marshal objects, grandstands: ISI
Camera objecs, recovery vehicles: BTB XPacks
Help with grandstand shadows: mianiak
Testing: scotland666, Daniel Higgins (racedepartment)

v1.1 update:
Most of the textures have been replaced with my own, or from Therefore it is now permissible to convert this track to other game formats.
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Extract to rfactor\gamedata\locations

This track is based loosely on the perimiter road of a local airfield. The real place is called Woodvale.

Thanks to scottland666 and Daniel Higgins (both from racedepartment) for testing the track before release.

R Soul
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 12:32pm, 19th December 2012 221
1.01 8:09pm, 25th August 2012 196
1.0 11:11pm, 29th December 2011 277

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