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Manhattan GP

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Size96.1 MB ( 100769072 bytes )
Added1:02am, 17th May 2013
Description [hide]
Race around the streets of lower Manhattan, NYC in this challenging circuit. The walls are close, but it is highly rewarding to those who push the limits.

A relaunched version of my Lower Manhattan GP circuit. Manhattan GP is around 65% scratch made with many buildings from the old version brought into this one.

If you enjoy racing on my tracks, please consider making any small donation to my paypal on my blog.
Thank you.
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Manhattan GP 1990 v1.55

By Rodrrico

Formerly known as Lower Manhattan GP, Manhattan GP is a fictional temporary street circuit. However it is based upon roads that existed around the WTC.
I remade this track with about 65% scratch design based on my original circuit LMGP. Now the walls are closer, the track bugs are gone, the cameras are far better and it performs better than it once did.
This is why I consider Manhattan GP a relaunched circuit.

I made this track as I love New York City which I was fortunate enough to visit in 2006-2007. I felt it was better to include the WTC as a mark of respect to those lost in 2001. Please don't criticise this circuit if you have
issues with the fact that it is based upon something that no longer exist.

I repeat, this is out of respect. I only want constructive criticism on the actual circuit quality. Thank you.

The circuit is 4.092km and consists of a hairpin, fast sweeping curves and tight 90degree corners. I would consider this track a medium speed circuit.
I recommend F1-1985, 1988, 1990-94 or GT classes for best enjoyment of this circuit.

Note that this circuit does include a 'purpose' built racing part around the start through to turns 3 and then the last 3 corners. There are not actually
roads here, however a large parking lot did exist back when I set the circuit during 1990.

- Long loading time - It has dozens of objects / models of real world buildings. These are the reason for the long load. Don't complain if you are running it on a computer from yester-year. It has been designed for a computer that runs Battlefield 3 at
full / max settings. I cannot and will not change the level of detail or accuracy just to improve loading times. It only takes around 1 minunte to load anyway. Patience is a virtue :)

V1.00 - Lower Manhattan GP
- Initial release

V1.50 - Manhattan GP 1990
- Completely new track profile
- smoother kerbs (yet abrasive to drive over)
- 100% new AIW
- New cameras
- New track walls / objects
- Modified several buildings / profiles
- Decreased track bumps
- New pit entry
- Walls are now very close to track edges
- Other GDB file modifications

v1.55 - Manhattan GP 1990
- AIW minor adjustments, less kerb cutting
- Walls, minor changes to problematic walls
- Fixed Tirewall issue at Turn 1 & 5
- Minor object editing
- GDP modified
- Now 58 Laps for the full race distance (was 61).

If you enjoy racing on my tracks, please consider making any small donation to my paypal on my blog. It often takes me a long time to make these circuits for the community.
Thank you.

I have many other circuits out there:

- Attia Stadt GP v1.00

- Darlington Park GP 1992 v1.00

- Imola 1963 / Imola 1963 Reverse v1.00

- Zeltweg 1964 GP v0.95

- Zaluzani 1.00 & 1.10 and (GP of Bosnia) v2.00

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- Manhattan GP 1990 v1.55

Phoenix 1989 Proposal, a significant update to fix the start / finish issue.
A secret project set in the 1970s / 1980s. Think SPA meets Nurburgring GP course. This will be at least another month or two away.

Others are on the way!

All of these tracks can / will be found at
OR at my Blog which lists them all!

Please rate this and all the others. Note that Manhattan GP v1.55 is the newest to date :)



This track has been created by Rodrrico for non-for-profit use ONLY.
Commercial use of this track is strictly prohibited. Any use of this circuit for commercial use for a video, arcade / simulators or any
other form of use for sale is illegal and legal damages will be proceeded should this track be used for ANY commercial use.
Strictly only for domestic use and for approved leagues of no commercial value.

If you have seen this or any of the others as listed above please contact me through

or PM 'Rodrrico'.



I have seen that companies are stealing our creations and I want them brought to justice for their thefts.

As this is an update to Manhattan GP, you will need to delete ALL instances of 'New York City Circuits' fron your Rfactor/Locations directory. Then place the new version in. DO NOT keep any old files as it will mess up the game:

rfactor/gamedata/locations/... (

It is that Easy!

Enjoy folks!
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.55 1:02am, 17th May 2013 377
1.50 7:35am, 7th May 2013 211

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