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Nuerburgring Gesamtstrecke 1967-70

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Size76.27 MB ( 79975415 bytes )
Added3:00pm, 6th June 2013
Description [hide]
This is an attempt to combine the two existing rFactor tracks "70Nordschleife 1.00" by MotorFX and "Sudschleife 1.00 i.e. Eiffelrennen" by Nick303 to the so-called "Gesamtstrecke" (german for common- or entire-track i think).

It has 4 different track-variations of the Nürburgring: "Nordschleife" (northern loop), "Südschleife" (southern loop), "Betonschleife" (concrete loop) and the whole "Gesamtstrecke" (common track / full track).

Many thanks go to MotorFX and Nick303 for their great tracks and for the permissions for release this work.

Have fun!
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Nürburgring Gesamtstrecke 1967-70 v0.9 by Kackbratze
(v0.9: because not all changes i wanted to do were implemented until now)

This is an attempt to combine the two existing rFactor tracks "70Nordschleife 1.00" by MotorFX and "Sudschleife 1.00" by Nick303 to the so called "Gesamtstrecke" (german for common- or entire-track i think).

As v0.9 suggests, it is not the final version. It is fully capable of running, up to 48 pits (more to come in a later version perhaps) and has a working "Racegroove", although there are more than 5000 waypoints (6395!) :-o
There are some troubles with textures (e.g. not reflecting light, shine-through problems, only simple transparency -not nice- and z-fighting).
Cameras are only available on the Nordschleife (the original file from MotorFX).

What did I do?:

I created 4 different track-variations of the Nürburgring: "Nordschleife" (northern loop), "Südschleife" (southern loop), "Betonschleife" (concrete loop) and the whole "Gesamtstrecke" (common circuit).

I remodeled the "Südkehre" (south-bend), so that i could -connect- the "Südschleife", constructed some bridges, placed trees, fences, bushes and so on.
Also the "Nordkehre" (north-bend) was redone. Now it has a little open top banking and the "Betonkehre" (the concrete part of the north-bend back to start/finish) has now guardrails and banner ads (not correctly labeled).
Some buildings were revised: Conti-tower, Shell-pole, Start-house (not finished), Dunlop-tower (not finished).
I also pulled up many trees, that were in or underneath the floor (many trees in Breidscheid were not visible), some of the signs around the tracks were revised. I changed a lot of textures on the Südschleife. And many many other little things i changed....

There are alternative loading-screens for 16:9 resolution included.

What I want to do in next versions:

New grandstand (where is the Sporthotel?), little left-hand banking beneath Antonius-bridge (yes, the road slanted to the left), set the missing bridges (one behind the north-bend, one at "Schwalbenschwanz", two on "Döttinger-Höhe" and one behind "Hohenrain"-Chicane), complete reconstruction of "Wehrseifen" and parts of "Breitscheid".

Many thanks go to:
MotorFX (creator of 70Nordschleife 1.00) and Nick303 (creator of Sudschleife 1.00 i.e. Eiffelrennen) for their great tracks and for the permissions to release my work (please have a look to the corresponding ReadMe.txt files),
Friedolin Benteler (HFD Historischer Filmdienst - for his great videos of the Nord- and Südschleife),
Heike and Siggi for "beta-testing" :-)

If there is someone out there, who wants to convert this track to other games or wants to use it in a mod, then please contact me, because when i update it (e.g. v0.92), it would be easier to convert/update only the files, which have been modified/added.

My email:

Have fun!
Kackbratze (Marco)

PS.: in earlier versions (never released, but shown on y**tube) i used textures from pain-less, raido and com8 (3d-models from com8, too). I've now replaced them by my own models and textures and removed all other content (hopefully didn't forgot something), not because they would have been bad, but because i cannot contact them for asking for their permissions. (hopefully correct translation...)

PPS.: Please do not get upset about my bad English, it is not my native language :)
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
0.9 4:46pm, 5th June 2013 907

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