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Champions Motell incl RFE version

File Details
Size51.85 MB ( 54368068 bytes )
Added9:34pm, 27th September 2013
Description [hide]
v1.1 changelog:
-FIX game crash while loading in DX7 and DX8 modes
-FIX weird striping of textures on low-med texture detail modes
-added racegroove, reworked few models and materials
-some other minor changes
-added RFE version (for RFE plugin v1.1)

The fantasy scratch-made track inspired by beautiful landscapes of Norway.
The RFE plugin finally made the track alive: the clouds are moving, the weather changes randomly or scripted, so the temperature of the track. In the end of rFactor1 age, my dream came true.
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Screenshots [hide]
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Readme [hide]
For proper use of RFE version, you must download RFE plugin.

Drag & drop into your rFactor root folder.
If you have previously installed version of track, make sure you overwrite old files.
The track uses Siim Annuk’s Light Flare shaders for sun glare.

The best karting mods to run on this so far are Rotax Max challenge by IT-Trader, and World Karting 2.
For FPS-saving reasons, most of the shadows are pre-rendered. Yes, it sucks that
they dont move with the sun position, but they take nothing FPS-wise compared
with gMotor shadows, and they look prettier. And almost each object is got self-
shadowing, which is very important for sunny day setting.

Best viewed in DirectX 9 mode; with track and texture detail on max.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 9:34pm, 27th September 2013 466
1.0 7:29pm, 2nd July 2013 462

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