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Bryce Canyon Raceway

File Details
Size106.49 MB ( 111660073 bytes )
Added7:24pm, 11th December 2013
Description [hide]
This is the final version of Bryce Canyon for rFactor 1.
Version 2.0 features complete overhaul of trackside vegetation; 3D trees, grass layers (visible only at full track detail); increased resolution of tarmac; rubber reflections; improved non-RFE version (Now both versions are with 24-hour lighting), improved performance during the race. I've attempted to fix massive framerate drop when multiple cars collide, and debris fall and roll all the way down from the cliff. Now they are forced to stay on track, which somehow improves the performance.
This is hopefully the very last rFactor version of this track.

The fantasy scratch-made track inspired by beautiful Bryce canyon in Utah, USA. This is not 100% representation of a real place, although it's based on real data.
The track is 12,5 meters wide and 4,1 mile/6,6 km long, with elevation range of 464 meters. The track is inspired by, and made for HistorX Trans-Am vehicles, DRM mod, 70's open-wheelers, and other big power beasts.
I've tried to save as much of the original canyon look as possible, and used paths and dead rivers as a base for the track.

There are two versions included: standard with static sky picture and no night lighting, and 24-hour version, compatible with RFE plugin, with changing weather, moving clouds and night lighting of the pit area.
You can use the 24-hour version without RFE plugin as well, but the clouds won't move and the weather won't change.
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Readme [hide]
IMPORTANT: See readme.pdf file for all the RFE installation instructions.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.00 7:24pm, 11th December 2013 637
1.03 11:31pm, 7th November 2013 245
1.02 12:21pm, 5th October 2013 338
1.01 6:07pm, 4th October 2013 151
1.00 2:41pm, 4th October 2013 81

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