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AI Grip Adjuster

File Details
Size1.18 MB ( 1240709 bytes )
Added11:53am, 25th April 2015
Description [hide]
AI Grip adjustments for all tracks.
This is mod makes the game much more realistic, challenging and fun when racing against the AI by allowing you to balance the strength of the AI grip levels.

Changes the AI grip level on all tracks with slightly less grip at night.

Allows much better racing against the AI and really improves the game for Xbox controllers or keyboard users that have not yet got their hands on a racing wheel.

Certain tracks did not have this AI grip setting in the .trd files , so the values have been added to all tracks. Some tracks really need this adjustment to finish the game others not as much so you can always make your own customised settings or reset to the default values included.

If you drive right the very easy testing setting should allow you to win all the races with the AI not too far behind you on easy AI settings in the game.

I have not (as yet) tested the very difficult setting. Please try this only if the AI is too easy for you. Grip for day is increased to 120% and night to 115% (This setting may not work.) you can always reset the AI using the default setting provided.
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Readme [hide]
NB This mod can only be injected as it uses the track files which do not get unpacked.

It can be injected into packed or unpacked versions of the game.

The injector I use is from Clean Tracks - WIPEOUT mod.
Select files with the right grip level and then add those relevant folders to the main game folder and use the bat file to inject the files.

If you don't know how to inject files follow the instructions on the clean tracks mod but just replace the folder to be injected with the ones from this mod. Simple. It's a very quick injection and much more painless.

I hope this mod brings you much more enjoyment and good racing.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 7:32pm, 23rd April 2015 400

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