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Drift Scoring Adjustment Mod

File Details
Size18 kB ( 18362 bytes )
Added12:46am, 2nd May 2015
Description [hide]
Drift events scoring makes adjustment to the reputation_scoring.xml file.
Improves the sense of drifting and being better rewarded for good long drifts.

Corner sliding in race events will be rewarded slightly more easily and drifting in normal races has been adjusted but these are minor changes compared to the drift event settings...

I have been trying to balance the settings so that scoring is not too lenient.
It is now much easier to win events than it was before. (maybe still a bit too easy?)
Drifts that initiate at lower angles and drifts that maintain slightly less of an extreme angle will now score and this makes the drifting seem much more believable and real to me.

Depends on your physics set up just how well you can drive drift. You will be rewarded in a much more forgiving way for drifting and this makes the events much less frustrating and broken seeming.

If you want to use this with other Mods which have already adjusted the reputation_scoring file then you could copy the values into that file.
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
This can be used with Unpacked or packed versions of the game although I only used a packed version because of loading times and ease of workflow.

Just install for unpacked version.

Inject the file using standard injecting methods for the packed game.

There is a copy of the original reputation_scoring.xml file included to use to restore the original settings or for reference to further adjust the scoring.

I hope this mod brings you as many hours of enjoyment as it has given to me.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:46am, 1st May 2015 457

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