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1996 Le Mans Pilot Racing Ferrari F40

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Size501 kB ( 512915 bytes )
Added12:31pm, 4th July 2015
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You'll probably want to change the classes line in the .car file!
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Le Mans 1996 #56 Ferrari F40 LM Pilot Racing

For this you need the F40LM-F40GTE mod by Paccianga. This car was an entry into the 1996 Le Mans from Pilot in their famous blue colours. I know this is missing a sponsor on the sides of the rear spoiler and I may do an update to rectify that small missing logo. Otherwise this should be a realistic representation of the actual car. I haven't seen this anywhere so I decided to do it myself and release it. If you want to use this somewhere please ask for permission, I'll probably give it you anyway, and give credit where credit is deserved.


Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 5:46pm, 3rd July 2015 164

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