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Clean Track and No Banners

File Details
Size170 kB ( 174132 bytes )
Added1:16am, 13th July 2015
Description [hide]
This is a mod that cleans up the tracks. It removes all the on-track branding and logos, as well as removes all the banners and track extras (vertical flags, speedhunters, tv screens, etc.)

Its based on the NoGraffiti + WipeOut Mod. I just left the crowds and tents in to leave the immersion in. I removed anything to do with logo's or adverts, billboards, banners, track side objects, TV's etc. for SHIFT/NFS/SPEEDHUNTERS etc.

The rest of the stuff was left in so the tracks still felt alive (trucks, tents, crowds, stands, waving flags from crowds, ambient sounds etc).

Giving the game a nice look and feel.

Additionally this game includes the SunMod as well to remove the bloom and give proper lighting to the tracks.

Should increase FPS while giving a fresh and clean look to an amazing game.

Ver. 2.0

Fixed missing bridges in Miami/London tracks (floating people)
Included Injector files this time. Just run inject.bat once copied to the root folder.

*** To fix the missing bridges you will need to copy over the original track .pak files then run the injector again! ***
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
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Video [hide]
Readme [hide]
To install, copy and paste into root S2U folder, and run inject.bat as admin.

Credit goes to jaketoox, MaxTreble for creating the original mods.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 1:16am, 13th July 2015 510
1.0 4:57am, 26th January 2015 196

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