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adjusted sound

File Details
Size6 kB ( 6056 bytes )
Added2:32am, 21st December 2015
Description [hide]
Adjusted sound in game
Now the transmission noise is lower and the turbo are noisier
Less noise from the cold brakes
Also the sound of the AI cars is a bit louder

Drop the folder in the Mods folder and activate with JSGME
or do it manually and keep the older file in case you do not
like it, just go to the Audio folder in the main installation lo-
cation and replace the carsoundconfig.xml with the one from
the mod.
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
Download my previous mod "More laps in Career Mode"
and I recommend to use the helmet cam, the sounds
are more enjoyable that way.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
0.9 12:54am, 13th December 2015 884
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10 members have left thanks.

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