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fine tune of camera views

File Details
AuthorImagine (See all uploads by Imagine)
Size1 kB ( 1526 bytes )
Added9:30am, 14th January 2004
Description [hide]
This is my first attempt to edit something so don't expect anything special :twisted
i didn't invent nothing new :D -i just did "fine tuning" of existing cameras for my own taste ;)
aniway i didn't touch driving views so you have nothing to loose trying this :smash and i included orginall camera settings so that you can back it in case that you don't like it :chair
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
you know what to do with this ;)
just double click on .rtp file
i have just did :arrow little fine tuning of existing camera views
andi didn't touch driving views so you have nothing to loose trying this :smash

-Kayboard button 4
High right side Camera
-Kayboard button 5
Front right to back Camera
-Kayboard button 6
Front left wheel Camera
-Kayboard button 7
Close chasse back right Camera
-Kayboard button 8
Low chasse rotating Camera
-Kayboard button 9
High chasse Camera
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.4 9:30am, 14th January 2004 354
Thanks [hide]
3 members have left thanks.

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