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Jiading 3 Layouts

File Details
Size23.08 MB ( 24206206 bytes )
Added2:36am, 30th June 2007
Description [hide]
Jiading (Chinese GP) 3 layouts.
Added Working rain line for AI, Rain fog (Thanks to Zarker99) Flag Marshals, Fixed all pitting issues, Low level night lighting (Moon light). Reduced number of laps in GP race to 72 laps as 118 was to many for the AI, only maybe 14 cars out of 61 would finish 118 laps due to Engine failures, gearbox failures and suspension failures. Adjusted fuel usage on all 3 layouts. Also fixed draw distance on trak objects. Less object popping now. Consider this a final version.
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Readme [hide]
Chinese GP, West long, West Short (3 Layouts included) Version 1.0

This is my first conversion. I made this track for me and to learn how the process works converting from rFactor
to GTR2. I am happy enough with it to share. If you like it, enjoy it if you don't, delete it. I don't want to hear how bad the layout is or graphics aren't good enough. but if you have constructive critisim, please let me know how to improve my skills.
The track has rain reflections, working start lights working pit lights Loading screens by Rip (Thanks Rip). Pace car works correctly.
their is no street light so at night, you gotta race in the dark. Maybe if/when I figure out how to do them, I will add them.
Thanks to RacerM for his tutorial that gave me the knowledge to figure it out and David Noonan for his great program 3Dsimed. If you find problems with this track that need my attention, please leave me a message here at Nogrip in the forums or PM me. But I am usually only able to do updates on the weekends, so a fix from me may not be real quick.

Update 2.0
Fixed all pitting issues.
Added Rain fog thanks to Zarker99
Added low level "Moon" lighting for night racing
Added Flag Marshals
Rainline for the AI
Fixed Draw distances on track objects
Reduced number of laps on the GP circuit to 72
Adjusted fuelusage on all 3 tracks.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 2:36am, 30th June 2007 7055
1.0 6:30pm, 25th March 2007 2377
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11 members have left thanks.

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