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Brands Hatch 90s

File Details
Size47.18 MB ( 49471186 bytes )
Added10:04pm, 7th February 2017
Description [hide]
Edit of the Brands Hatch 2005 track to take it back to the 1990's feel of the Super Touring era. This has been available as a track pack for the GTR2 Super Touring Mod for some time but now I have decided to start releasing the full pack under "90's" series name. Full credit to lasercutter and zwiss for the original circuit.

The track is not intended to be authentic to a specific year but rather blend together all years of the decade to form a general 1990s feel. This includes changes to the colouration of the track surfaces and textures as well for a slightly less polished, more gritty feel. For Brands Hatch the majority of source material I had dated from 1998-2000 so this time period is what the track looks most accurately in period. Also Graham Hill Bend was in a different faster configuration before 1999.

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Readme [hide]

Drop into your "gamedata/locations" directory in GTR2.


~Patrickramirez’s camera files added for both layouts.
~Newly-optimised grass textures – previous file was 5mb, redone and now 650kb
~Track grip levels adjusted.
~New LOD screens.
~New AIW from JMAdria – faster AIW through Paddock Hill in particular.
~File size cut from 59.8mb to 48.3mb


~Fix of track marshal bug.


~Brand new grass textures, created using a combination of textures from other tracks and my own reference photographs taken at the circuit during the 2016 BTCC Oulton Park meeting.
~Inside pit barrier colour changed to green.
~Three-fold increase in spectators around the circuit.
~Full track and pit re-texturing.
~Start lights visible in the rear view mirror.
~Catch fencing removed from pit lane barrier
~New trackside signage / sponsorship by Furinkazen and GTPorsche.
~Re-done signage on the pit buildings.
~Retextured gravel traps.
~Retextured trackside kerbing.
~New 1998-based team trucks by GTPorsche
~Paddock hill run-off repaved back to original tarmac instead of green astroturf.
~New signage on all three bridges on the circuit – entrance to Druids, run down to Hawthorns, between Stirlings Bend and Clearways.
~Removal of crash barriers at Druidsand replacement with period sponsorship hoardings. Central tree pushed back and track geometry re-mapped and extended to avoid cars falling through gaps in track. There may still be a chance of some clipping and cars getting stuck on extreme inside however.
~Pushing back of tyre barriers between Druids and the downhill left of Graham Hill, with deletion of some at the bottom. Track geometry re-mapped and extended to avoid cars falling through gaps in track.
~Removal of excess crash barriers at Surtees (end of Cooper Straight). Track geometry re-mapped and extended to avoid cars falling through gaps in track.
~Tree lines increased in the entire Grand Prix section (Surtees to Clearways) to give more of a forest circuit feel.
~New track marshal positions.
~GDB with updated authentic pit lane speed limit of 40mph.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 10:04pm, 7th February 2017 412
1.1 12:08pm, 6th September 2016 285
1.0 10:22am, 29th August 2016 223

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