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Knockhill 90s

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Size64.37 MB ( 67496623 bytes )
Added10:15pm, 7th February 2017
Description [hide]
Edit of the 2005 and 2011 Knockhill to take it back to the 1990's feel of the Super Touring era. This has been available as a track pack for the GTR2 Super Touring Mod for some time but now I have decided to start releasing the full pack under "90's" series name.

The track is not intended to be authentic to a specific year but rather blend together all years of the decade to form a general 1990s feel. This includes changes to the colouration of the track surfaces and textures as well for a slightly less polished, more gritty feel.

Knockhill has taken a lot of work, and this is the end result of at least three major overhauls of the project. Hopefully you all enjoy!

For news on our latest upcoming projects feel free to like, follow, and contact us at:
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Readme [hide]

Drop into your "gamedata/locations" directory in GTR2.

~Fixed some shading issues with front straight lights and bridge
~New AIW from Jmadria – hope you’re good at hitting kerbs…
~Bug from 1.0 with trackside spectators in front of the tyre wall at Hislop’s fixed.
~NIGE’s Race07 camera files added.
~Track grip levels adjusted.


~Deletion of FPS-hogging rreflect textures
~Gravel traps re-textured
~New selected of BTCC 1998-based team trucks by GTPorsche
~GDB with correct race lengths for single race.
~GDB with updated authentic pit lane speed limit of 40mph.
~Retextured barriers around the track.
~Retextured grass.
~Major increase in spectators around the track.
~Many trackside tents.
~New period sponsorship by Rallymorten and GTPorsche.
~Insertion of trackside grandstands From the front straight to Scotsman.
~Re-textured pit wall.
~Re-done track marshals.
~GDB with updated authentic pit lane speed limit of 40mph.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 10:15pm, 7th February 2017 347
1.0 1:00pm, 19th August 2016 281

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