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Croft 90s

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Size23.08 MB ( 24197979 bytes )
Added10:13pm, 7th February 2017
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Drop into your "gamedata/locations" directory in GTR2.

Croft to the 1990s for GTR2. This venue became the North-East's UK number #1 Motorsport venue. Despite some very wet weather the first ever BTCC event passed off successfully. This version goes back to the 1990s with some substantial changes and tweaks, from run-off area's to colouring to driveable paddock and reprofiled tyres. Enjoy.
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~Further revisions to Cleraux, as there was too much gravel in the old version.
~AIW adjusted by jmadria for a more realistic staggered start, which also helps fix bunching into the first corner. 30th place is now starting at the final hairpin!
~Bug from 2.0 with one even variant having incorrect cameras fixed.
~Newly-optimised grass textures – previous file was 5mb, redone and now 650kb
~Track grip levels adjusted.
~New LOD screens.
~Brand new grass textures, created using a combination of textures from other tracks and my own reference photographs taken at the circuit during the 2016 BTCC Oulton Park meeting.
~Re-done barriers around the Cleraux-Hawthorn Bend-Chicane section with more run-off area and changed interaction with the barriers and grass surfaces.
~Deletion of FPS-hogging rreflect textures
~Gravel traps re-textured.
~New tarmac texture taken from other tracks.
~Pit Building / Garages now cast shadows across the ground.
~Trackside tents at Cleraux and after the Chicane.
~Increase in spectator numbers at Cleraux, Hawthorn Bend, and between Sunny Out and the Complex.
~Gravel traps in place at Cleraux
~Removal of barriers / bundles at Cleraux and the Chicane.
~Complete re-mapping of Marshals and Marshal posts and areas, with alternative Marshals from Sunalp used.
~Tree’s now cast static shadows.
~Removal of crash barriers at Tower Bend and extension of track surface to attempt to lessen the “infinite space effect” of removing the trees/bushes.
~New tree’s from Tower Bend to Jim Clark Esses.
~Removal of some crash barriers down at the Jim Clark Esses and some subsequent alterations to the fencing layout.
~Re-worked barriers at the Complex
~GDB with correct race lengths for single race.
~GDB with updated authentic pit lane speed limit of 40mph.
~Rear-view mirrors updated – now tree’s / pit buildings, as well as marshals posts are visible in the rear view mirror.
~New LOD replacing LOD with plain track map.
~Replacement of the original track camera with that one made by TICTOC.
~New trackside signage / sponsorship by Rallymorten and GTPorsche
~Complete overhaul of Sunny In / Sunny Out with run off styled in the old track – this tarmac area appears in a few period internet videos.
~Efforts taken to remove “infinite space effect” at Sunny In and Sunny Out.
~Pit lane area and Complex area re-textured with new team truck layout and fully driveable tarmac areas.
~New 1998-based team trucks by GTPorsche
~Select LOD’s changed.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:13pm, 7th February 2017 319

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