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Oulton Park 90s

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Size40.18 MB ( 42127400 bytes )
Added10:36pm, 7th February 2017
Description [hide]
The first ever FRM project finally gets a standalone circuit. A local circuit to me, Oulton park in Cheshire has hosted racing events for many years including the BTCC. This version uses the base track from Rfactor combined with my own real life data to create a blast from the past. At least 100 hours went into this project and I hope you all enjoy.
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Drop into gamedata\locations

~Brand new AIW by Sylphide for all layouts.
~Couple track LOD adjustments.
~Newly-optimised grass textures – previous file was 5mb, redone and now 650kb
~Track grip levels adjusted.
~Deleted Lights left below the track, seemingly a legacy file from the tracks original construction.
~Deletion of FPS-hogging rreflect textures
~Brand new grass textures, created using a combination of textures from other tracks and my own reference photographs taken at the circuit during the 2016 BTCC meeting at the track.
~Gravel traps re-textured.
~New tarmac texture taken from other tracks.
~Re-textured kerbing.
~Pit Building and garages remapped with roof, new walls, and now casts shadows across the ground.
~New pit trucks with 1998-period designs by GTPorsche.
~Back of the pit paddock remapped with new buildings and tents. Artistic license taken with the design but the original track paddock was bare. Now looks like a proper race meeting.
~Brand new tree coverage from exit of Druids to entry of Old Hall on the left hand side, the original was lacking in tree’s and in real life that section is heavily forested.
~Down The Avenue on the left hand side removal of crash barriers and spectators – this area was open throughout the 1990s.
~Deleted sponsor boards on the front straightaway pit wall.
~Replaced the modern “MotorSportVision” Oulton Park logo around the track on the Starting Lights, pit buildings and the Fogarty Centre (the large building on the right hand side of The Avenue, and on the back of brake markers
~Kerbing re-mapped to match period green / white kerbs.
~Deletion of excess marshal posts at Dentons / Cascades and the right hander leading up the hill after Knickerbrook chicane.
~Crash fences removed from Knickerbrook chicane spectator area. These were implemented circa 1998 (seen them in videos then) but not in place in 1995. As this is a general “1990’s” track with no specific guide in year, the decision was taken to remove them to “age” the track.
~Crash fences now a collision target, airbourne cars can hit them.
~Massive increase in spectators (in some cases 500%) on the front straightaway, right hand side of The Avenue, and the area from Foulstons Chicane to Kickerbrook. Spectators do not appear outside of race weekends.
~All trees on the track now generate shadows – before none of them did.
~The bridges across the track now generate shadows.
~Both bridges updated with period signage – Clay Hill with a white Yokohama bridge as opposed to black, and after Druids with Vauxhall / Mobil 1 signage.
~GDB with correct race lengths for single race.
~GDB with updated authentic pit lane speed limit of 40mph.
~Rear-view mirrors updated – now tree’s / pit buildings, as well as marshals posts are visible in the rear view mirror.
~New International layout LOD my own picture from the 2014 HSCC meeting.
~Select LOD’s changed.
~Complete re-profiling of Old Hall corner with pushed back barriers and shading and treeline changes to reflect this.
~Complete re-mapping of trackside 3D ground / road surfaces caused by barrier / track geometry changes such as the Turn #1 profile. Large sections of track needed to be resized and re-fitted as well as being made collision targets etc. In some sections there are visible gaps but racing these should not be noticeable… unless you plan on going for a dip in the lake…
~New trackside signage / sponsorship by Rallymorten and GTPorsche
~AI grip levels changed to minimise their somewhat random and silly accidents and spins, especially at the Shell Oils Hairpin (tail end International Layout loop), Foulstons Chicane, Knickerbrook, and Druids. Lap times are approximately 2-3 seconds quicker than real life (1:42 the pole lap in 1994) but this is needed for the AI to be raceable. For best results make sure you are using drivers with Talent Files.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:36pm, 7th February 2017 422

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