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Thruxton 90s

File Details
Size39.65 MB ( 41574795 bytes )
Added10:42pm, 7th February 2017
Description [hide]
Thruxton by Lasercutter gets a tweaked and revamped new look and feel for the 1990s for GTR2.
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Readme [hide]
~Complete overhaul of the Start line to Allard with a new pit exit, straight onto the racing line which is period correct. New AIW provided by JMadria to cover this which also includes changing the paddock area to behind the pits.
~Track grip levels adjusted.
~Modified AIW from Rfactor which is faster, with adjustments from jmadria for the final chicane.
~Trackside revisions with changes to barriers, removal of some area’s, and recoloured textures based on 1997-2000 footage.
~Fixed incorrect event name in GDB.
~GTR file optimised removing unused files to save file space.
~Newly-optimised grass textures – previous file was 5mb, redone and now 650kb
~Track grip levels adjusted.
~Deletion of FPS-hogging rreflect textures
~Brand new grass textures, created using a combination of textures from other tracks and my own reference photographs taken at the circuit during the 2016 BTCC meeting at the track.
~New sponsorship boards by GTPorsche.
~Removal of excess track billboards around the track
~Auto Trader sponsorship along the pit wall.
~Addition of the bridge at the start of the pit straight, taken from Brands Hatch.
~Deletion of the yellow barrier on inside of Allard (not there in period – used a 1997 onboard of the track for reference)
~GDB with correct race lengths for single race.
~GDB with updated authentic pit lane speed limit of 40mph.
~Deletion of memory-intensive 3D spectators with new 2D ones.
~Gravel traps re-textured.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:42pm, 7th February 2017 403

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