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Fictional Red Bull Racing Toyota MR-S

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Size2.77 MB ( 2901984 bytes )
Added12:36pm, 11th March 2017
Description [hide]
You'll probably want to change the classes lines, they're not really intended for a certain series/category of racing.
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Fictional #67, #68, #69 Red Bull Racing MR-S

Not much to this one. These skins were made a while ago by me for a request from someone in the community. I don't really use them, but I know some people like fictional skins so I thought I'd do a release for anyone who may want to download. I tried to keep them kind of realistic (excluding the drivers, Verstappen would've been 11 in 2008, lol!) so that they don't look too different from genuine skins, keeping sponsors like TRD, Michelin, Ogura Clutch, Odyssey, etc. that were on all the real cars. If you want to use this somewhere please ask for permission, I'll probably give it you anyway, and give credit where credit is deserved.

Just put this folder in your Toyota MR-S Teams folder


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Version Released Downloads
1.0 12:36pm, 11th March 2017 52
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